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International Computer Driving License


Perhaps you know something about computers, but find it hard to define exactly what your level is. You're confident you can use a PC efficiently, but you can't really prove it. Business requires "basic competence", but what does that mean? And how can you be sure that you have already reached this level?

The International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) is for anyone who wants to certify their computer skills according to an international industry standard. The ICDL builds around a special user-friendly skills card. This card records the skills you demonstrate in each of seven computer-related modules. As you pass each module successfully, the corresponding skill is noted in your card. The final achievement of a full card leads to the award of your licence.

The seven modules are:

Basic Concepts of Information Technology
Using the Computer and Managing Files
Word Processing
Information and Communication

All but the first module are tests of practical skills rather than theory.

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