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CIPS in the News
  • 50 years later, CIPS is still exploring IT's future - By: Rafael Ruffolo On: 22 Sep 2008 For: ComputerWorld Canada
  • CIPS expands IT professional designations - By: Jennifer Kavur On: 01 Jul 2008 For: ComputerWorld Canada
  • CIPS signs international agreement on certification - By: Briony Smith On: 16 Dec 2008 For: ComputerWorld Canada
  • CIPS wants tax exemption for IT professionals - ComputerWorld Canada staff On: 03 Sep 2009 For: ComputerWorld Canada
  • 'Six degrees of separation' not far off - 570 News Radio Toronto. The Gary Doyle Show. 2:05 p.m. ET, August 11, 2008. CIPS President (2007-2008) Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P. provides more insight on the concept of 'six degrees of separation' and how technology has been able to bring people together.
  • "Young Canadian staff want IT restrictions relaxed" by Kathleen Lau. ComputerWorld Canada. August 8, 2008. CIPS Chair Greg Lane I.S.P. comments on why understanding the younger demographic's level of IT knowledge and expectation of employers are important today. 
  • 'Six degrees of separation' not far off: Study - CTV Canada AM. August 7, 2008. CIPS President (2007-2008) Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P. explains the concept of 'six degrees of separation' and how technology has been able to bring people together. 
  • How wireless technology has changed your life - CTV Canada AM. July 9, 2008.  CIPS Chair Greg Lane I.S.P. gives insight about the benefits of wireless technology.  
  • New international designation for IT workers - CTV - CJOH - Ottawa - Tech Now. July 6, 2008, 6:50 p.m. ET. CIPS Chair Greg Lane I.S.P. talks about the new international IT designation to be launched in 2009. 
  • "Today's hot IT skills and five tips for acquiring them" by Nestor E. Arellano. ComputerWorld Canada. January 31, 2008. CIPS holds peer discussion meeting and shares their views on employment trends.
  • "Youth not pursuing computer science careers" by the Canadian Press/CTV. November 8, 2007. CIPS President Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS , I.S.P. (2007-2008) talks about CIPS's role in an International Professional Practice (I3P) program, a UN initiative that will form an international standards body to monitor the IT field.
  • "Needed: a code of ethics for IT security" by Tam Harbert. CIO Canada. December 1, 2007. CIPS is cited as a professional association offering a Code of Ethics for use by IT professionals.
  • "Canadian tech associations sign up for Facebook" by Briony Smith. ComputerWorld Canada. November 20, 2007. As part of CIPS's 50th anniversary activities, CIPS set up a special CIPS 50th Anniversary group on Facebook to give CIPS members an opportunity to share CIPS stories from their experiences over the years.
  • "IT experts say bad bosses neglect training issues" by Kathleen Lau. ComputerWorld Canada. November 7, 2007. CIPS Director Adam Cole I.S.P. (2007-2008) gives insight on the reasons why IT practitioners consider quitting their jobs.
  • "CIPS looks beyond I.S.P. Week to global credibility" by Rafael Ruffolo. Computer World Canada. October 17, 2007. CIPS celebrates Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) week in an effort to increase awareness about its IT designation program.
  • "Dollar parity may help Canada keep its IT workers at home" by Patrick Thibodeau. Computer World. October 4, 2007. CIPS comments on the strengthening of the Canadian dollar and its relation in enticing U.S. workers to move across the border.
  • "CIPS offers free Windows Server to promote MSAT" by Shane Schick. ComputerWorld Canada. September 28, 2007. CIPS provides an incentive to encourage IT professionals to take an on-line self-evaluation of their security practices.
  • "Industry groups plan global IT accreditation" by Shane Schick. Daily IT Wire (IT World Canada). September 12, 2007. CIPS has gained Microsoft's support in an effort to create a global designation for IT professionals that would be recognized anywhere in the world.
  • "E-MBA program could boost leadership skills says industry expert" by Rafael Ruffolo. ComputerWorld Canada. September 4, 2007. CIPS is offering the University of Fredericton's on-line E-MBA program as a CIPS member benefit..
  • "IT Today" Halifax Chronicle Herald: CIPS Special features Supplement, pgs. C4 - C5. May 15, 2007
  • "CIPS, CATA plan joint effort on ISP designation" by Poonam Khanna. Computing Canada. March 23, 2007. CIPS and CATAAlliance signed a memorandum of agreement that will include a national study on the value of the Information Systems Professional of Canada (I.S.P.) designation.
  • "The community should unite for security" by Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P. Computing Canada. March 23, 2007.  IT security, in addition to phishing, pharming and bot network attacks, are important challenges for organizations. The best source for support now is the community and with peers ¡V these can be found in associations like CIPS and user groups.
  • "CATA and CIPS do good" by Martin Slofstra. IT Business. February 15, 2007. Editorial Director Martin Slofstra talks about the importance of partnerships to help solve national issues and recommends that organizations follow in the associations' lead.
  • "Industry groups join forces to fight IT labour shortage" by Vawn Himmelsbach. IT Business. February 13, 2007. CIPS and ICTC partner to take advantage of both organizations' strengths and develop activities toward improving the quality and quantity of IT workers in Canada.  Both are working together to address the skills shortage issue and increase the number of high school students enrolling in computer science programs.
  • "Canadian IT industry needs image makeover, says analysts" by Nestor E. Arellano. IT World Canada. January 24, 2007.  CIPS indicates that Canadian organizations will have to fill about 90,000 new IT positions in the next five years and encourages students to consider a career in IT.  Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P., CIPS Vice President (2006-2007), says that today¡¦s highly marketable skills fits under the acronym BAIT: Business and core industry knowledge; Attitude and commitment; Interpersonal and communication skills; and Technical skills.
  • "CIPS execs in Africa to discuss professionalism standards - Group seeks to have IT certification recognized in other countries" by Shane Shick. IT Business. January 8, 2007. CIPS was asked by the International Federation of Information Processing, a United Nations-sanctioned body, to represent Canada on a world task force on Information Technology (IT) professionalism.
  • "Letters after your name spells success." Business in Vancouver: Right Course 2007. January 2007: p.10 & p.16. IT professionals are encouraged to apply for the I.S.P. designation. Stephen Ibaraki I.S.P., CIPS Vice President (2006-2007), explains how the I.S.P. designation has helped him as a writer, speaker, and educator both nationally and internationally.
  • "Retiring boomers about to leave a big hole in the market for skilled legacy system workers" by Peter Thompson I.S.P. IT Business. December 7, 2006.  CIPS indicates that there is an incoming [IT] skills deficit and another outgoing one looming at the top end from retirees.  Stephen Ibaraki I.S.P., FCIPS, CIPS Vice President (2006-2007), talks about the IT skills issue and the reasons behind the drop in IT enrolment.
  • "Can we close the IT gap?" by Peter Thompson I.S.P. Globe and Mail. Posted November 28, 2006: Technology Quarterly.  John Boufford I.S.P., CIPS President (2006-2007) and Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P., CIPS Vice President (2006-2007) provide insight on the IT skills gap and give advice on how to address the problem.
  • "IT Industry Needs New Blood." National Post. November 22, 2006: FP Working, WK1.  Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P., CIPS Vice President (2006-2007) comments on technology skills as crucial to performance.
  • "Feeling insecure about Vista" by Mari-Len De Guzman. Computer World Canada. November 10, 2006.  Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P., CIPS Vice President (2006-2007) comments on the PatchGuard as a good measure to prevent rootkits and malware.
  • "Wouldn't you like to be a tester too?" by Neil Sutton. IT Business. October 5, 2006. Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P., CIPS Vice President (2006-2007), gives his insight on beta testing and its trend today.
  • "Digital Eve dies off in Canada" by Sarah Lysecki. IT Business. October 3, 2006. CIPS offers its support to the Digital Eve organization.
  • "Ontario puts $2.7M towards IT training for low-income women - CIPS sees strategy as a way to bring more diversity to tech industry" by Sarah Lysecki. IT Business. August 23, 2006.  John Boufford I.S.P., CIPS President (2006-2007) comments on the Ontario government funding as "a great first step to launch IT careers for [women]."
  • "Crossing guards of the Information highway." National Post. August 21, 2006: Financial Post Back to School marketing feature on education and technology, JV3.  The article talks about CIPS and its mandate to protect the public.  The article also gives advice to parents on how to protect their children from the potential threats of the Internet.   John Boufford I.S.P., CIPS President (2006-2007) and Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P., CIPS Vice President (2006-2007) are quoted in the article.
  • "Software helps make the grade." National Post. August 21, 2006: Financial Post Back to School marketing feature on education and technology, JV4. The article gives parents insight on how they can identify quality educational software for their children.  Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P., CIPS Vice President (2006-2007) is quoted in the article.
  • "IT: Plugged in, wired up, stressed out" by Jim Donnelly. Ottawa Business Journal. July 19, 2006.  "A growing contingent of IT specialists agree information overload - whether it be from e-mail, instant messaging, telephone or other means of communication - is a serious problem within the business and corporate community, and it's only getting worse."  Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P. CIPS Vice President (2006-2007) gives insight on the topic.
  • "What's in a name? - A Great Deal says CIPS" by Rosie Lombardi. IT World Canada. July 7 and July 12, 2006.  The article focuses on the value of the Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) designation.  John Boufford I.S.P., CIPS President (2006-2007) and Kerry Augustine I.S.P., CIPS Director are quoted in the article.
  • "Dearth of certifications isn't helping IT industry" by Shane Schick. Globe and Mail. June 29, 2006: Report on Business, Section B, B11. The IT sector is strongly encouraged to consider the I.S.P. designation as a way to identify individuals "who collectively work to keep the standards of the profession high."  John Boufford I.S.P., CIPS President (2006-2007), and Kerry Augustine I.S.P., CIPS Director are quoted in the article.
  • "Skills Shortage 2.0: Canada's search for IT Talent" by Martin Slofstra. IT Business. June 1, 2006.  Skills shortage needs to be addressed.  Plus, CIPS is revamping its I.S.P. designation.  The designation is now available to academics, IT leaders and experienced IT professionals. 
  • "IT Governance: An Opportunity or Hindrance?" by John Boufford I.S.P. Financial Post magazine: CIPS Joint Venture Supplement, p. 72. April 2006.

    (See also, "The Steady Hand," "Striking the Right Balance," "The High Energy CIO," "Managing the IT Security Threats," and "The Essential Need for IT Governance" by Charles Mandel. Financial Post magazine: CIPS Joint Venture Supplement, pgs. 63-71. April 2006.)
  • "School board tech officials back I.S.P. designation" by CIO Canada Staff.  CIO Canada. December 1, 2005.  CIPS announced a collaborative agreement with the Information Technology Committee of the Ontario Association of School Board Official (OASBO-IT).  OASBO-IT is promoting CIPS membership and the Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) designation to its public sector IT employees in Ontario.
  • "What's in a name?" by Patricia MacInnis. Computing Canada Magazine. October 17, 2003.

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