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Career Questions & Answers #4


Answer #4:

That IT jobs are boring or that IT professionals have to work alone. In the real world, there are so many different IT jobs for so many different companies that girls have all kinds of choices in an IT career.


- Karen Lopez, I.S.P.
CIPS Director and Spokesperson

People who are interested in technology may be portrayed (for example, in the popular media) as boys or men who are 'nerds' or 'geeks' who think about nothing else. But the 'techies' I have been exposed to are both female and male, attractive, intelligent, interesting, involved and participants in many different charities and other physical and intellectual activities. And technology itself is far from boring.


- Pat Gaudet, I.S.P.
President, CIPS Toronto

Girls have the misconception that it is a field with mostly young men (or "geeks") working long hours on their computers with little interaction with other people. The truth is that there are a number of women in Information Technology, the work is mostly delivered in a team environment, the atmosphere is casual and fun, and the work is really challenging and rewarding. Soft skills, such as communication and presentation skills, and being a team player are as important as technical skills. There are jobs that require strong technical skills and others that require management, business, communications and people skills. Men and women bring their own individual skills to the project team and are equally respected for their strengths.


- Colette Wasson, I.S.P.
Principal Consultant, EDS Canada

A career in I.T. is not about the machine. It can be if that is where your interest lies, that is, if you want to become a tecnical specialist in any number of areas - hardware, networks, software, etc. there are a multitude of options available. But there is a second "stream" in the I.T. profession that demands interpersonal skills, communications, organization, management and vision - that is delivering solutions and strategies to support and enable the business. This stream is about people.


- Lori MacMullen
CIO, Government of New Brunswick

I believe there are several misconceptions that many people (girls and boys) have about IT careers and programming. The image that continues to come to mind is that it is a "geeky" profession: long hours are spent at a terminal with no interaction with anyone, no personal contact, no interpersonal skills, it's lonely, people code all day and are glued to their computers for long periods at a time.


- Joanne Moore
Technical Resources Program Manager,
IBM Toronto Software Laboratory

I think the one thing I've heard is that girls are nervous about having enough technical training and knowledge. The truth is that, like with any job, you need to learn the technical content but you also need to understand the people side of it. We have a lot of males in the IT industry that are very strong on the technical knowledge side, but not very good communicators and many don't seem very interested in customer's problems in using IT. Women seem to do very well in the industry because they tend to naturally have better comunnication skills and are more interested in the people side.


- Murna Dalton
Vice President of Consulting Services, CGI

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