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Career Questions & Answers #3


Answer #3:

All the opportunities available to me. IT is used everywhere, so I can work anywhere, for any type of company. Having a choice about where or how I work is important to me.


- Karen Lopez, I.S.P.
CIPS Director and Spokesperson

One of the best things is that you never ever stop learning. There is always new technology to learn about, and new ways to apply new and old technology. Another key thing is variety. A technology career can go in as many directions, can become as technical or non-technical as your aptitudes and your choices take you. According to your desires, you can learn about many different parts of business, meet and work with a diverse group of people and participate in a wide variety of different types of projects.


- Pat Gaudet, I.S.P.
President, CIPS Toronto

Working with people, continuous learning, opportunity for career advancement, flexibility in my work schedule, and higher than average income. Earlier in my career I worked as part of a team on large development projects. I soon realized that my areas of interest and strengths were in working with business experts to better understand their business issues and leveraging technology solutions to better serve their customers. I joined a large management consulting firm where opportunity for job progression and travel were abundant. I have worked with 4 companies over the last 15 years and every day brings something new and interesting. Having a computer science background is invaluable, allowing you to work in almost any industry. I'm truly thankful that I chose this career path.


- Colette Wasson, I.S.P.
Principal Consultant, EDS Canada

Leading and enabling change. Helping business leaders exploit the information and technology available to them to fundamentally change the way they work. Seeing them "get it".


- Lori MacMullen
CIO, Government of New Brunswick

Good job opportunities, good pay, and the flexibility to work anywhere at anytime. For example, I have worked in the office on a full-time basis, I have worked completely from my home on a part-time basis and I currently work at home and in the office balancing the needs of my two school age children (ie. taking them to school, picking them up for lunch and picking them up after school).


- Joanne Moore
Technical Resources Program Manager,
IBM Toronto Software Laboratory

The best part about working in the IT industry is that everything you do involves solving some sort of problem that people have. People only use IT to help them do their jobs better, cheaper, faster. The fun part is that you have to understand how people do their jobs in order to help them with IT. I've learned so much about many, many other areas of business in the course of my IT job.


- Murna Dalton
Vice President of Consulting Services, CGI

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