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Career Questions & Answers #2



Answer #2:

I wanted a career that gave me the opportunity to use my strengths while offering good job prospects and the ability to work on important projects.


- Karen Lopez, I.S.P.
CIPS Director and Spokesperson

Many years ago, I was originally attracted because my traditional medical support career, while important, had a very low salary and did not offer an attractive long term career path. The IT opportunity had a much better potential for better pay, longer term career prospects and intellectual challenges. I stayed in IT for the same reasons, but also because I met many interesting people, got to travel to some interesting places, learned lots of different aspects of business and technology, and always had interesting projects to work on.


- Pat Gaudet, I.S.P.
President, CIPS Toronto

I always enjoyed the challenge of math and sciences in high school. A friend suggested that I study Computer Science. It is a field with a wide variety of jobs and with lots of opportunities. This field does have more male practitioners than female, but don't let that stop you -- there are lots of women, it is still relatively young, and males and females are given equal opportunities and are paid on the same salary scales.


- Colette Wasson, I.S.P.
Principal Consultant, EDS Canada

I did not really choose this career, it chose me. I am a Business graduate with a major in Marketing. In my first job I ended up working on a project to deliver a new system to a business unit in goverment - only it was from the user side. I developed an interest in the programming and development side that is how to make the computer do things - accounting functions, etc. I still remember how thrilled I was the first time my program compiled cleanly and the transaction that I had programmed actually executed cleanly and correctly. However, my interest was more in working with the business users to identify and address the multitude of opportunities provided by IT to change the way they worked. With my background in marketing and my exposure and knowledge of the technology, IT Strategy is where I focused.


- Lori MacMullen
CIO, Government of New Brunswick

The vast number of opportunities available to IT professionals, working in a team environment, having challenging work and an opportunity to continually grow and learn.


- Joanne Moore
Technical Resources Program Manager,
IBM Toronto Software Laboratory

There were lots of jobs in the field and it was clear that the IT industry was just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. Also, there were a lot more men in IT than women - I met my husband in the industry.


- Murna Dalton
Vice President of Consulting Services, CGI



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