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Career Questions & Answers #1


Answer #1:

IT is about using technologies, people, and other resources to solve real life problems.


- Karen Lopez, I.S.P.
CIPS Director and Spokesperson

Information Technology is a means to an end -- it's an exciting tool that can be used to solve a business, science, health, communication or some other challenge. It comes in an endless variety of solutions. It's still in its infancy; the future can be glimpsed but not predicted in totality. It is 'neutral' - the control is in the hands of the humans that use and shape it. But while it has a tremendous potential for positive effects, it can also be accidentally or deliberately misused with unfortunate results. So along with the freedom and opportunity of Information Technology come the obligation and responsibility to use it effectively and efficiently and to prevent errors, accidents or malicious activities.


- Pat Gaudet, I.S.P.
President, CIPS Toronto

Information Technology provides the computers and application systems that enable businesses to be more efficient, effective and competitive. Today information technology is everywhere and is prominent in every industry from banking, manufacturing, arts, education, to health care. The technology is as smart as the people who design and develop the application solutions. My role as a management consultant is to understand my clients' current and future business strategies, to bridge the communication between the business and technology teams, and to leverage new technology solutions to better serve their clients in the most convenient and effective way.


- Colette Wasson, I.S.P.
Principal Consultant, EDS Canada

Information technology is not simply an enabler of change it is in fact a catalyst for change. The advances and opportunities in the area of information and communications technologies not only allows us (business and government) to do what we do better, faster, cheaper, it provides us with opportunities to fundamentlly change the way we work and in fact may present opportunities to do things we never thought of.


- Lori MacMullen
CIO, Government of New Brunswick

Information Technology is the effective management of data and information. Information Technology enables us to access information anytime from anywhere (the World Wide Web for example), to greatly reduce costs (for example by running "what if" scenarios such as simulated car crashes), to enrich lives (less intrusive surgical procedures using cameras, lasers etc.), and much, much, more. Information Technology is a fast-paced, ever-changing industry that enriches the lives of all of us... whether it is making the lives of others easier, helping companies save money and reduce cycle time, or benefitting society through advances in Life Sciences and bioinformatics.


- Joanne Moore
Technical Resources Program Manager,
IBM Toronto Software Laboratory

IT includes all of the hardware, software that makes up the actual technology that helps people to communicate in their business and personal lives. It also includes the people and knowledge that use that hardware and software to solve problems or enable better ways of communicating and doing business. So, it's a very broad field and at the bottom of it all is that IT is an enabler to help people solve their business and personal problems.


- Murna Dalton
Vice President of Consulting Services, CGI

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