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Accreditation Process

Accreditation Process Matrix 

Procédé d'accréditation


There is no distinction between a first accreditation visit and any subsequent re-accreditation visits. The process followed remains the same. The only exception in the process is that the CIPS Secretariat will contact a school, which has a program that is about to expire, 12 months prior to the termination date to determine if the school is intending to apply for re-accreditation.


An institution that wishes to have any or all of its programs considered for accreditation or re-accreditation should communicate directly with the CIPS Secretariat at The request should indicate which program(s) the institution is seeking (re) accreditation status for.


Upon receipt of this request, arrangement will be made to secure information from the educational institution by means of a questionnaire and for an evaluation by a site visitation team.


The CIPS Secretariat in co-operation with the Council Chair will assign a visitation team. Once a team has been selected, the institution is notified of the team’s membership and a mutually acceptable date for the visit is chosen.