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CIPS Volunteer of the Month

September & October 2017 CIPS Volunteers of the Month: 

CIPS is pleased to recognize the following new recent additions to the CIPS Experience and Education Review Committees:
Experience Review Committee: 
Tiffany Simister I.S.P., ITCP (CIPS Saskatchewan)
Richard Gonzalez I.S.P., ITCP (CIPS Ontario)
Education Review Committee:
Blake Kanewischer I.S.P., ITCP (CIPS Alberta)
Vincent Chiew I.S.P., ITCP (CIPS Alberta)
Thank you for your Support and Contribution to CIPS and Canada's IT Professionals!


August 2017 CIPS Volunteer of the Month: 

Kyle Loree I.S.P. 

CIPS British Columbia

About Kyle: 

What is your Background?

My interest in computers started in the mid-eighties with a Commodore 64. I became fascinated with enabling systems to speak to each other. That led me into networking where I became a Cisco Partner and a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) in routing and switching. Along the way, I have worked with many operating systems, programming languages and picked up other certifications. I am currently studying in the Master of Science in Information Systems through Athabasca University. The program is challenging yet incredibly rich. I continue to be inspired as I find new ways to apply technology.
I am very thankful to have a wonderful family and supportive wife. None of my work or study would be possible without her by my side.
Working at Consumer Protection BC provides a unique opportunity to give back. We are a not-for-profit corporation that promotes a fair marketplace in BC for consumers and businesses by overseeing three provincial acts and regulating a variety of industries. Knowing that my work benefits others drives me to succeed.

What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

Ian McLeod introduced me to CIPS. The community in Victoria hosts excellent events, which has given me new perspectives on issues outside of my expertise. The commitment of the leaders in CIPS BC inspires those around them.

I joined CIPS in 2015 to meet the requirements for the MSc IS Graduate Program at Athabasca. The ability to join this excellent program through the ISP Designation is incredible. This benefit compelled me to give back and join the Certification Review Committee in 2016 to reduce the processing time for applicants.

This year I joined the CIPS BC Board of Directors where I will be working to address strategic issues facing CIPS on both provincial and national levels. In this rapidly evolving world, ethics needs to be at the forefront. CIPS should be accountable to its members and needs to adapt to stay relevant. Members need to be stewards of the society and profession. Now is the time to take action to speak against inequity.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I have experienced many rewards through CIPS membership. As iron sharpens iron, sharing ideas in this collaborative environment has refined my understanding of topics ranging from AI and blockchain to corporate strategy and risk analysis. I am proud and honoured to be in an organization with such incredibly talented members.


July 2017 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Edward Michael Markowski I.S.P.

CIPS Manitoba

About Michael: 

What is your Background?

I have a degree from the University of Manitoba - BSc. Computer Science and a Project Management certificate from the University of Toronto. I currently hold designations for Certified Agile Project Manager, and Information Systems Professional. I am currently working on completing my Project Management Professional designation, currently in the applicant phase.
I have always been into computers and IT, programming was something I enjoyed and could build a career around. My first and only job is with a great company in Winnipeg, Pollard Banknote right out of University. I've been with the company 8+ years and I began in one department and moved to my current department after a few years with the company. I currently get to work on digital solutions the company provides to clients involving web and mobile applications. During school and for a while after on the side I performed contract work for small & medium sized business' in Winnipeg and surrounding area.
In my spare time I volunteer and work on various projects. I also have my hands full managing our investment properties with my wife and taking care of our 2 year old son.

What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I joined at the national level about a year or two ago and began working on a new CIPS website as a hobby project and later joined my local chapter in Winnipeg, Manitoba. During that time I've obtained my ISP designation and I am actively working with both national and local levels of CIPS.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS has provided me with professional development and I have been able to obtain my ISP designation.  I've also had the opportunity to network and work with some great individuals in the industry locally and nationally.  


June 2017 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Richard Wanner I.S.P., ITCP

CIPS Saskatchewan

About Richard: 

What is your Background?

My first degree is a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science from the University of Regina.  I also hold a Masters of Science in Internet Security Engineering (MSISE) from the SANS Technology Institute.
My first job was at Bell Northern Research/Nortel where I worked on networking and operating system for landline and cellular switches.  In the late 1990s I switched to a security focus and have been there ever since.  After the Nortel implosion I consulted for a time with the CGI Security Centre of Expertise and then moved home to Saskatchewan to work with SaskTel.  I have been in a Corporate Security role with SaskTel for over 13 years, mostly focusing on Telephony and networking security as well as some compliance and threat monitoring.
When I am not at work I am active in various parts of the security industry.  I am a volunteer incident handler with the Internet Storm Center and also participate in some task forces in researching Distributed Denial of Service and Ransomware.  I am a founding member of the GIAC Ethics Council, and am also active in my community.  I help run a community soccer league, and participate with the local chapter of the Saskatchewan Country Music Association.  For relaxation I play guitar, help out with my son's band, listen to live music, and dabble in photography.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I originally joined CIPS in the early 2000s because, as a consultant, having an I.S.P. was a good way to get in the door and start a conversation.  I didn't become active with CIPS activities until I moved back to Saskatchewan. That was right at the time that the Canadian Information Processing Society of Saskatchewan Act was passed recognizing CIPS Saskatchewan as a professional organization, and  I applied some of my ethics expertise to the early days of the CIPS Saskatchewan Professional Conduct committee.  I had stepped back for a few years to concentrate on family and attaining my Masters, and then earlier this year was asked to help organize and run a security and privacy conference for CIPS Saskatchewan.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

The I.S.P certification was the original draw.  As a consultant the I.S.P gave you instant credibility in the IT consulting world, but when I moved to the corporate world CIPS membership provided me with excellent networking opportunities, inside and outside my specialties, and with opportunities to develop leadership skills working on CIPS projects.  It also provided me with a vehicle to practice presentation skills by presenting on security topics to CIPS members at various CIPS sponsored events. 



May 2017 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Mohammad Sharifullah  

CIPS Ontario

About Mohammad: 

What is your Background?

I have completed my master's in business and did my Chartered Accountancy in late 80's when PCs just started to roll out on each and every desk. At that time, IT audit was just getting momentum and most of the large global corporations brought more control professionals in validating that major shift in business processes; if this is appropriately managed. To perform my job (conducting the reviews), I was really pushed to learn IT; started with corporate training/learning programs and at some point went back to the school and tech colleges to complete several courses on programming, security, networking, etc. For last twenty plus years, I have been working with the leading banks, financial institutions and consulting companies in Toronto mainly in the space of IT risk, audit, governance, security and compliance functions. My recent studies and accomplishments include IT Governance, Identity & Access Management and Cybersecurity.

I strongly believe in helping and serving people surrounding me - the way to repay my debts to the profession, society and the mankind.  I am a life-long volunteer, was heavily involved in volunteering with several organizations including ISACA, IIA, PMI and a small charity named 'Children's Peace Theatre', where I chaired the board for several years. I also work as a mentor for many students, professionals and speakers in helping them to succeed in their endeavors.   


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I joined as a board member of CIPS Ontario in 2016 and at the moment am chairing the Committee of Training, Conferences and Continuing Education portfolio. Recently I organized several webinars on emerging technology issues and am working on creating a strategic training and learning platform for CIPS across Canada.   


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS is a national professional organization supported by Canadian legislation. To me it is a big canvas from coast to coast - a great opportunity to meet people, work with them, build an excellent network and serve our society and country, creating something good for our future generations. 


March 2017 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Kim Jasken, I.S.P. 

CIPS Saskatchewan

About Kim: 

What is your Background?

I started my career as a computer programmer with SED Systems after earning my Computer Science degree from the University of Regina. A couple years later I transitioned into an instructor role at the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) and I have been teaching (and learning) ever since.

I spend my time in developing and teaching a variety of IT classes such as networking, database systems, support and my favourite....programming. I have since earned my Master of Education in Educational Technology and Design from the University of Saskatchewan. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I was introduced to CIPS by our Dean of Business and Technology here at SIIT.  I became a member and started to attend some of the luncheon presentations.  It wasn't long before I started taking my students to the events.  The networking opportunities and presentation content offers exposure to topics outside of the classroom and sparks some great matters of conversation.  I hold an I.S.P. designation and I have been part of the Board of Directors since fall of 2016.  


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS keeps me united with the IT industry and enables me to build relationships with other like-minded individuals.  Since joining the board I have built relationships with some really great people.  CIPS has given me an opportunity to expand my areas of knowledge, to enhance my leadership skills and to see the potential that an association can have to shape change.      


February 2017 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Mary Lynn Manton I.S.P. 

CIPS Ontario

About Mary Lynn: 

What is your Background?

Sometimes our parents know best.  In the mid-seventies my father thought it would be great for me to go into ‘computers’ and directed me to Ryerson and I’ve never looked back.  I fondly and proudly remember carrying around my box of punch cards and being fortunate to have been part of the first graduating class of the Bachelor of Technology in Applied Computer Science.  During that time I was fortunate to have a faculty who worked across the street and provided an ‘in’ to the Systems & Data Processing department at Eaton’s where I held a variety of positions from programmer up to middle management.  As Eaton’s wound down it was time to consider alternate career opportunities and was hired as faculty at Seneca College.  Through my time at Seneca I  have held a number of positions such as faculty, program coordinator and now the Chair of the School of Information & Communications Technology.  A life-long learner, I have also completed my Master of Education at Nipissing University.

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have been involved in a variety of outreach opportunities such as Women in Technology, high school and community outreach.  I love a challenge and the opportunity to make a difference.  Whether providing advice to young people trying to find their way, to volunteering in local sports organizations, I’ve truly enjoyed the fulfillment that comes with these connections.  I am not one to say ‘no’ and relish the challenge and satisfaction participating on the committees and special projects I have participated in.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I am a holder of the Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) designation.  I am also the Chair of the Information Systems Technology Accreditation Council (ISTAC).  I am an accreditor as well and participate on teams that accredit college diploma and degree programs.  This has given me the opportunity to meet colleagues primarily from across Canada but also from around the world, many of whom share the same passion as I do – an opportunity to make a difference.  CIPS has provided a number of opportunities for volunteer involvement including engaging other academics, students, and developing a body of knowledge, to name just a few.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

As an IT professional, we all lead busy lives but we also share a passion for our profession.  So much has changed in the field since I first entered into it in the mid-1970’s and so many career opportunities in this field are available.  The opportunity to network with other professionals, whether doing accreditation site visits, outreach, or connecting at conferences, provides an incredible professional bond.   As an I.S.P. holder I appreciate and respect the code of ethics and standards that I adhere to.  As time permits, I never hesitate to encourage young people entering into information technology about the importance of professionalism and the opportunities it can lead to.


January 2017 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Sasi Kumar I.S.P., ITCP

CIPS Ontario

About Sasi: 

What is your Background?

My IT career started during the IBM System/360 -punch card, assembler language -era and progressed through Pac-Man years into microcomputers and into the current IoT age. Over the years, I have gained demonstrated knowledge of information technology along with various aspects of business analysis and project management in small to large organizations - from service, manufacturing, and retail to the public sector.

I am an ardent believer in volunteerism. Thus, my involvement in standards development with Standards Council of Canada’s (representing ISO) mirror committees, CIPS, and Project Management Institute (PMI) are very relevant. Also, I am a member of the Standards Council of Canada's Canadian Young Professionals Program Advisory Panel. They all are examples of consensus-building teamwork in local, and global environments.

I am a holder of the Information Technology Certified Professional (ITCP) and Information Systems Professional (I.S.P) designations granted by CIPS. I obtained Project Management Professional (PMP) credential in 2004, and later in 2012 graduated from the PMI’s Leadership Institute Master Class. Along with a BSc. Degree, a Diploma in Business Management, various Microsoft professional certifications including MCSE and MCT, I hold ITIL and Programming Technology certifications. I often write about PM, IT, leadership, and other current topics. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I was elected to the Board of Directors of CIPS (CIPS-Ontario) in 2009 and served until 2012. Currently, I am a member of the CIPS Education and Experience Review Committee


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS gives me a platform to network with other professionals thus to further enhance my industry, subject matter, and leadership exposure.  Again, volunteering for the CIPS Education and Experience Review Committee is a mutually beneficial association. I believe ongoing learning, current industry-leading certifications, and volunteering will definitely improve career outlooks.


December 2016 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Jenifer Dyment

President, CIPS PEI

About Jenifer: 

What is your Background?

I started my career in small business management, as the owner/operator of a retail store here on Prince Edward Island. One of my biggest challenges in that role was researching and implementing a point of sale systems that worked across both our brick and mortar location and our online store. Once the POS system was successfully integrated with our daily operations, I began developing a loyalty program to encourage our islands summer residents and visitors to continue shopping with us once they returned home. Implementing new technologies into our small business processes became a passion of mine, when I began thinking about a second career, IT was already top of mind.
I began my IT career in enrolling in the 2 year, CIPS accredited Computer Information Systems program at Holland College. Through Holland College I completed a work placement with Thinking Big, an information technology and consulting firm and have remained with the company ever since. I am currently the Product owner of Eats PEI (, a new software product that uses user data and electronic gifting to connect diners to restaurants in a smarter way. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I joined CIPS as a student member in the first year that I enrolled in the accredited program at Holland College. Throughout my time at the College I attended the networking and learning events that were hosted by CIPS PEI. Once I settled into my new position, I was nominated to become a board member of CIPS PEI. I have since served as the Vice President and currently the President of CIPS PEI.


October 2016 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

James Lin

City of Mississauga


"I’m thankful to be selected as the CIPS Volunteer of the Month. CIPS has been a great way to contribute to the wider IT and Information Security community.

My involvement during the past year with the CIPS webinar series has also benefitted me in terms of new connections and the new knowledge that comes from the wide, diverse, and highly experienced membership of CIPS. It has been a privilege and honour to have worked with great and giving individuals within CIPS."


September 2016 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Trevor McDonald I.S.P., ITCP

Treasurer, CIPS Saskatchewan  

About Trevor: 

What is your Background?

I began my career in IT after graduating from the University of Regina with a Computer Science degree in 1996. The majority of my career has been with SaskTel. I have been very fortunate in having the opportunity to work through a number of progressive IT roles including Programmer Analyst, Systems Analyst, and several IT Manager and IT Director positions. I am currently SaskTel’s Director of IT Operations with accountability for data centre, managed, cloud and business services support.   


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I joined CIPS and received my I.S.P in 2005.  After working for several years as an IT practitioner I felt it was time to give back to CIPS and the IT community. In 2015 I joined the CIPS Saskatchewan Board of Directors, and am currently serving as Treasurer.  


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

After graduating from University my goal was to become an IT professional. CIPS has given me the opportunity to achieve that goal through the I.S.P. designation. In working towards meeting the I.S.P requirements, I have become a stronger IT resource and asset to my company and IT community. Through CIPS I am able to play an active role within the local and National IT community, be informed of IT trends, and keep connected to IT leaders and practitioners within the organization.


August 2016 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Wejdan El-lami I.S.P., ITCP

SFIA Committee Chair, CIPS Alberta

About Wejdan

What is your Background?

I just started my role as faculty at Chiu School of Business at Bow Valley College, however I have been in academia for the last 15 years in Dubai where I taught multiple subjects such as basic keyboarding all the way to business software, programming, database administration and web design. I have started my IT career as programmer in a drilling company in the south of Iraq where I built my very first programs which grow to become ledger, inventory, finance...etc. I had obtained my MSc in Computer Science from University of Portsmouth – UK and obtained my BSc degree in Mathematics Science from University of Basra – Iraq. I started volunteering at the BCS (British Computer Society) – Middle East Section where I was assigned the role of the education officer for 10 years. After 12 years in industry and academia, I decided to move on to consultation and the first thing I thought about was SFIA, so I worked hard to become Accredited Consultant which happened in year 2013.  This type of consultancy, enabled me to look at the IT profession and industry from different perspective as talent and capability management consultant. From early years I used to read anything and everything, reading contributed a lot in shaping my personality and who I am. If not working and on vacations, I like reading and travelling to Europe and Scotland with my husband and our daughter.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

When CIPS Accreditation Team visited UAE (HCT, where I was teaching) in year 2008, I was curious to know who is CIPS, so I quickly googled the website and decided immediately to be a member even though I was not in Canada yet, but looking at the quantity and quality of work done by CIPS, make it a goal that I have to achieve it one day. So, I applied and my application accepted for ISP & ITCP on October 2008.  When I arrived in Calgary on Jan 2015, the first thing I thought about was to contact the people in CIPS and letting them know that I am here and ready to contribute as volunteer. I got the opportunity to work on several projects about SFIA its importance to the IT profession. Being an accredited consultant, I have used the framework to assess multiple resumes from CIPS members. Last year, I got nominated to become a Board Member of CIPS Alberta and chairperson of the SFIA Committee. My recent contribution was writing a change document that might be used for the purpose of ISP potential assessment using SFIA framework


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

From day one I joined CIPS, I got many opportunities to network with major companies where we presented about SFIA, and travelled to Edmonton, and Red Deer to meet the decision makers in the immigration societies to raise their awareness about SFIA and its advantage to recruit and hire newcomers from IT profession. In addition to networking opportunities, I got the chance to contribute in the assessment of ISP applications from education rout as part of my volunteer job with the CIPS Education and Experience Review Committees. Another involvement I had within CIPS was in the accreditation team where I worked, learnt and travelled with the team to Saskatchewan and Burnaby to conduct accreditation visits, and contribute in the writing of the accreditation reports.


July 2016 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Trent Lowes I.S.P.

Director, Chair, Discipline Committee, CIPS Saskatchewan

About Trent: 

What is your Background?

I have been with my current company, SaskTel, for over 33 Years.  I started out as an Apprentice Lineman, but quickly moved into Information Technology when the need arose.   As with most long tenured IT Professionals, I have held many roles; Network Operator, Programmer, Analyst, Architect, Manager, and now Director of Solutions Development.   Outside of work I enjoy sports, nature and travel, combining all three of these on a couple of trips when myself, wife and 2 older children all volunteered and worked at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, then later cycled across the Netherlands.   


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

The IT  profession really picked up steam through the late 80's and 90's.  As CIPS Saskatchewan was established it became a goal to get involved and support the profession.  I have been a member and now more recently(2015) I became a Board Member of CIPS Saskatchewan and chairperson of the Discipline Committee.  


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS has provided me some great networking opportunities and allowed me to stay abreast of the IT industry in general.  With Saskatchewan being a relatively small IT community, interacting with other IT professionals and students keeps me on top of skills and resources that can benefit my work as well as me personally.  Having my I.S.P is important to me personally.  Understanding what it took to get an I.S.P made it a goal to achieve, and gives me a better understanding of the value I.S.P's can bring to individuals and organizations.   


June 2016 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Beverley Gooding I.S.P. (ret.) 

Registrar, CIPS Saskatchewan

About Bev: 

What is your Background?

My first IT position was in the late 60’s at Sask Tel in Regina, SK in their “IT department” where I created reports on a machine fed by key tape. I then moved on to the Government of Saskatchewan where I produced cheques on a bookkeeping machine. In 1971, I moved to Thompson Manitoba and was employed at INCO, a nickel mine, as a keypunch operator. I was very fortunate to have great mentors and professional development courses provided which enabled me to move through the ranks and eventually became a Programmer Analyst.

In 1982, I moved to Regina and accepted a position with SGI. I was very nervous moving from a small IT department in a northern semi-isolated community to a much bigger southern city and much bigger IT department. I soon became more comfortable when I learned that IT is the same no matter what type of industry or the size of the workplace. Here I became familiar with many different systems in various IT roles through out the corporation. My tenure at SGI lasted for 32 years. I finally decided to retire in July 2014. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I started volunteering for CIPS Regina in 1991 when a prominent member of CIPS Regina convinced me I would greatly benefit working with this very interesting organization. I began my CIPS career as a co-Program Director, which entailed obtaining speakers, venues, and managing the details for monthly presentations. I eventually accepted other positions on CIPS Regina such as Vice-President, President, Chair of Spring Seminars, and Regional Director.

At the national level I became a board member on CIPS National as a CIPS Regina representative, and executive board member as Student Director.

On the homefront, I joined the committee to amalgamate CIPS Saskatoon and CIPS Regina into CIPS Saskatchewan. After the new CIPS Saskatchewan was formed, I became the Registrar.
I also assisted on the committee to legislate the I.S.P. designation for CIPS Saskatchewan. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

In 1991, I received my I.S.P. that meant a great deal to me as I have no post-secondary education. It was very exciting to be able to have my experience in the field recognized.

By working with CIPS, I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop/enhance skills such as project management, public speaking, working with volunteers, interviewing techniques, assisting others in their roles, learning nuances of dealing with government, interacting with other CIPS sections as well as CIPS National. These were all very beneficial to me personally as well as in my career. Through networking I met many very interesting, knowledgeable and dedicated individuals. One of the best benefits of CIPS is meeting, learning and sharing experiences with other people.


Although I am now retired, I am still enjoying being active in CIPS and being on the CIPS Saskatchewan board. 


May 2016 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Diane Mitchnick I.S.P. 

CIPS Alberta

About Diane: 

What is your Background?

I have worked in IT in a variety of industries, from education to manufacturing, oil and gas to government. While I have done support, software and web development, database design and project management, I am very client-focused, and therefore have focus on UX (or user experience) when working in any of these fields. Following the combination of "math sciences and software engineering meeting social sciences" trend, I'm completing my Masters of Science in Information Systems at Athabasca University, developing a diagnostic tool that uses writing analytics to determine if a student has ADHD.

In addition to CIPS, I have a couple of other associations I belong to and are involved in, such as IEEE and AU's Journal of Integrated Studies Group. I also have a great family that consists of an encouraging husband, two forever inquisitive kids and a nosy cat. All this keeps me pretty busy, but the joy I get seeing people learn and grow from my involvement in these efforts make it all worthwhile. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

About two years ago, I started on as the Calgary Chapter Coordinator for CIPS. We didn't have any events really happening that spoke to my group at the time (as I was an intermediate going on to a senior professional). CIPS is an organization for very seasoned professionals (mid-to-senior level managers, directors, VPs and CIOs), but it also has a student membership that didn't get utilized that often; again, since there wasn't much for students, new grads and junior to intermediate IT professionals. Attending a student event in Calgary made me realize we have the potential to get young professionals interested in IT associations again. After a coordinating a few successful events, I realized it would be great to stay on with the Calgary Chapter and though I have to take a back seat to being the coordinator this year due my studies, I still believe CIPS is one of the best IT associations for Canada will continue to be part of CIPS in the future. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

The benefits I have gotten from CIPS have been endless. Starting from getting my ISP designation, it allowed me to speak at conferences I wouldn't have been able to speak at. Building on that, I have been considered many times in my career for roles because of my designation, since my employers saw the value in that as well. But it is my volunteering efforts with CIPS that has provided the most value. Here, I learned how to network, speak to large groups, manage events, and lead initiatives. All these skills I've been able to carry on into my career. I encourage those who are a member but have not been involved in CIPS events to attend, participate and volunteer if they can. It really is a great association to be part of!


March 2016 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Mark Olson I.S.P., ITCP

Director, CIPS Alberta

About Mark: 

What is your Background?

I have worked in Information Systems for 20 years. My experience includes working in primary support, application support and development, IT infrastructure, security, identity management, and project and program management. I have had the opportunity to work in, learn from, and lead initiatives for, organizations in the fields of Energy, Agriculture, Municipal Government, Health Care, Professional Services and Transportation.

My other world is a life long involvement with primary agriculture. Five years ago my wife and I took over the farm that has been in my family since 1924. The physical aspects of farming are good for my mental and physical well being. And the capacity to plan, remain focused, and be resilient, that comes from working in a field where deadlines are absolute (mother nature waits for no one) has served me well in my IT career.

My education includes a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary, where my class was the first to graduate without touching a punch card. I stay current and hands on by working with my own systems; my son and I both contributed software and hardware to a Raspberry Pi based driving distraction simulator that he won gold medal with at the Central Alberta Science fair.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I have been a member since 1986, and received my I.S.P. in 1997. I have served twice as marketing and communications chair for the Calgary chapter. I have been on the board of CIPS Alberta for three terms, including president of CIPS Alberta in 2002.

I am currently on the board of CIPS Alberta, where I had the opportunity to coordinate our submission to the Alberta governments review of the Personal Information Protection Act.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

My best work experiences have come from networking made possible by my involvement in CIPS. I have been able to develop, and apply, skills in leadership, marketing, and communications in my various CIPS roles. Being on the CIPS Alberta board has allowed me to learn about and practice in the field of privacy, which I am exploring as a new direction for my IT career. 


December 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Ryan Francis, I.S.P.

Vice-President, CIPS Saskatchewan

About Ryan: 

What is your Background?

I started my Information Technology professional career 19 years ago. My background includes technical and management roles within a wide range of disciplines including enterprise architecture, strategic planning, project management, application development, and digital marketing. I have been fortunate to gain experience from a wide range of organizations such as CSC, a global consulting and systems integration company; BHP Billiton, a global natural resources company; the Government of Canada’s National Research Council and my current role creating and leading a new ICT department within Prairie Plant Systems, a rapidly growing biotechnology and pharmaceutical company.

My education began at the Computer Systems Technology program at SIAST in Saskatoon supplemented with numerous additional courses and certifications over the years. Currently I am completing a Masters Certificate in Project Management offered through the University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

My first introduction to CIPS was when I was still in college at SIAST, the program I was taking had just received CIPS certification and the school ordered a 4 inch by 8 inch CIPS sign for the classroom. However the sign that arrived was 4 feet by 8 feet - It was a ‘BIG’ way to remind us of our professional organization!

Recognizing that I needed to widen my professional network, I joined CIPS in 2012 and immediately volunteered for the CIPS Saskatchewan board. I have since continued volunteering on the board and now hold the vice-president position.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

In full disclosure, I selfishly joined CIPS and the CIPS SK board looking to widen my network of peers and improve my leadership and people skills. I obtained the CIPS I.S.P. certification to help open more management opportunities.  CIPS didn’t disappoint and I received all the benefits that I was looking for.

I continue to support CIPS because of the value and opportunities that I have received through membership such as networking, certification and professional development.  However, once I started volunteering on the CIPS Saskatchewan board and helping with events, I recognized even more benefits such as board level strategic exposure and leadership development through my engagements with numerous intelligent and talented CIPS volunteers locally and across Canada.


November 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Shaun Herron I.S.P., ITCP

President, CIPS Saskatchewan

About Shaun: 

What is your Background?

I started in the computer industry in 1989 with a small company called Education Services which over time has evolved into ESTI Consulting Services.  As the first employee at a small firm that is nearing 30 years in operation it has been an interesting experience to see the company though that evolution.

I have a Bachelor of Education degree and a number of industry certifications such as MCSE, MCSE+I, ITIL Foundations, Certified Computing Professional (CCP), Project Management Professional (PMP), TOGAF, and PROSCI.  In my current role I perform Client Relationship Management, Project Management, and Technical System Management.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I first joined CIPS in 2005 along with obtaining by I.S.P. designation.  I have served on the CIPS Saskatchewan Board for the past two years first as a Director and then as Vice-President.  Prior to joining the board I participated on a Committee that helped to promote CIPS and new I.S.P. designates.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I joined CIPS to solidify my career as a Professional in the Information Technology field.  It was important for me to obtain my I.S.P. and become a member of a professional organization specific to IT.  CIPS has provided me with a number of benefits including professional development opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and networking. 

There is no doubt in my mind that there is an important role for CIPS to play in the years ahead in terms of developing, promoting and supporting IT professionals.


October 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Lucien Peron I.S.P., ITCP 

CIPS Ontario

About Lucien: 

What is your Background?

My career in the Information Technology field started in or around 1990, when personal computers were starting to appear in the corporate scene. When I was about to complete my bachelor's in Information Systems, an opportunity to join a company as a co-op student came knocking on my door. I gladly accepted it, as I wanted to gain experience and find out how companies where applying technology to improve business processes. Reality was, it was as much a learning experience for me as it was for the company I joined. That still holds true today about technology, wouldn’t you agree? An specialization in Software Engineering and a few positions later –in Canada and internationally- have given me the opportunity to experience all the facets in the IT field: from end user support, to IT management, to networks, to security, to development, to databases, to project management, to business intelligence. Information Technology is continuously evolving and it requires you to be on your toes to keep up.

I obtained my I.S.P. certification in 2006 and my ITCP as soon as it became available. I truly believe in the value that professionalism brings to the field, as there are many practitioners from very different backgrounds and it becomes very important that a Code of Ethics, like the one developed jointly by CIPS and IFIP, is used in governing our professional actions.

When I am not working in technology, I like to challenge myself by training for and participating in endurance events, more specifically Ironman distance triathlons (9x finisher, number 10 coming up in Florida in November 7th) and marathons. I have also recently taken up coaching, in order to pay it forward.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

My initial involvement with CIPS was limited to participating in the events hosted in Toronto, and a few events hosted in local pubs. Recently I thought: spending one hour commuting each way to attend an event in Toronto is not very productive for professionals located in Mississauga. Why can`t we have a section in Mississauga, in order to provide the IT community where I work and live with a venue that allows it to develop further? That was the start of an idea that has been supported by the CIPS Ontario Board and that will have an active start in November. Stay tuned !

Now a member of the CIPS Ontario Board, I have taken upon myself to play a more active role in supporting the strategic initiatives identified to move CIPS into the future. I have also started to spread the message of IT professionalism by volunteering time in the CIPS booths setup at local IT related events. SecTor, CyberSecurity for Critical Infrastructure and Mobile Enterprise are some of the most recent events. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

We should not lose sight on the fact that CIPS holds the only certification for the IT profession as a whole that is recognized by law by the government of Canada. And that only CIPS in Canada and ACS in Australia –out of approximately 60 other associations- are accredited by IFIP. We should be proud of that fact.

Going back to my previous point about the evolving nature of the IT field, CIPS has provided me with many an opportunity to network with professionals from different companies and industries. This knowledge sharing have led to some very interesting conversations about the challenges that companies face, as well as the creative solutions created to address them. Let's not lose sight of the fact that innovation has always been part of our profession, it is our responsibility to ensure it continues to be a driving force. 


September 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Drew Parker Ph.D., I.S.P., ITCP


About Drew: 

What is your Background?

I have been with Simon Fraser University since 1984. I completed my B.Comm and MBA at Calgary and my Ph.D. at Western before joining SFU at 26. I have taught over twenty courses in many credit and executive programs at SFU and abroad, and have recently managed to get my teaching schedule focused on my two favorite courses, Systems Analysis and New Media in Business. They are both dynamic topics which keep me constantly updating and learning. BC’s Lower Mainland has been a fabulous place to work, play, and raise a family. We all enjoy the outdoor activities available here, from backwoods adventures on some motorized toy or other with my adult children to walking my rescue dog with my wife along the shores of the Burrard Inlet.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I knew of CIPS while a student, and sought membership as soon as I started my academic career. My ISP designation came in 1999 and the ITCP/IP3P was awarded in 2009. I have attended CIPS events, participated in BTM accreditation proposals, and work hard to make sure my students know of the importance and career significance of professional accreditation. It binds you more closely to your profession and signals a professional commitment to employers.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS has afforded me some interesting networking opportunities over the years, and has been a good source of industry practice information. I am a believer that one should show students actions as much as tell them about important activities. I have completed several certifications over my career, and start every course talking about certification and accreditation, including CIPS membership. When they see my ‘ISP’ and ‘ITCP’ on my wall in my office they tend to realize I mean it.


August 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Bashir Fancy, I.S.P., ITCP

CIPS Ontario

About Bashir: 

What is your Background?

After becoming a professional accountant, I learnt programming languages and Networks formally, initially to assist me with my Auditing responsibilities.  Later it was very helpful when I took over IT and Operations jobs. I also pursued formal training for Marketing & Sales, Product management and have been involving in starting and managing Customer Service, Managing IT, heading Operation and Risk Management & Security as well as Marketing & Sales.  I was the Executive Vice President for Risk Management & Security at Visa International as well as the Global Head of Internal Audit for Visa.  I was Senior Executive Advisor, with Deloitte & Touche as well as Grant Thornton in their ERS practice. Prior to that,  I have also held senior management positions that included operations, systems, finance, risk management, audit, marketing & sales and strategy at organizations that included Citibank in Canada - Credit Card operations, Payment division of SNS (initially known as Emergis and now absorbed into TELUS) –a 3rd party credit card processor that did all the back-end processing, including managing point of sale for Canadian Banks and major retailers.  I also held senior management role in Air Canada and the “Supermarket Group”, after starting my career at West, Wake & Price (Auditors).  My experience is global and includes IT, Operations, Marketing & Sales, Internal Audit, Finance and Risk Management & Security, Compliance. I am the Managing Director for Corporate Solutions & Services Inc. and continue to provide consulting services to clients globally on Risk Management & Security, Governance, Compliance including Banks, Governments and large & mid-size organizations. I was one of the key players in the development of AIS-DSS standards (now known as PCI-DSS).

I was given a President’s Award of Special Merit at Citibank and an Award of Excellence in Air Canada for “Consistently Outstanding Performance” – highest recognition in Air Canada.

I am Treasurer of “Friends of the Mississauga Library System”  where, as volunteers we have raised significant amount of funds to support the Mississauga Library System to promote Literacy programs.  I am Vice President on the CIPS Ontario Board and a National Director on the CIPS National Board.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I have been a CIPS member since mid-1980’s and take every opportunity to promote education, awareness, ethics, integrity, whilst maintaining high standards in a fast changing technology environment by participating and speaking at major conferences on behalf of CIPS.  I mentor a lot of upcoming talent as well as some executives in Management.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I am an ISP, ITCP.  CIPS has allowed me both to learn continuously and impart the knowledge and experience I have gained globally over the years in my various roles over the last 40 plus years.  I find my involvement in CIPS both very fulfilling and rewarding.


July 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Trevor McGugan I.S.P., ITCP

CIPS Saskatchewan

About Trevor: 

What is your Background?

I have a B.Sc from the University of Regina.  I have worked in various IS roles (Programmer, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst) with SaskTel for over 26 years.  I volunteer on several different groups (disability, CIPS, ...).


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I have been a CIPS member for a long time.  With the encouragement from Donna Lindskog I volunteered with the CIPS Education Committee last decade for a couple years.  When the group was reformed two years ago I thought I would pass that knowledge along and lead the group.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I am an ISP, ITCP.  SaskTel has been excellent at training and I have taken over 100 courses here over the years for various technical and soft skill training.


June 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Daniel Petley, I.S.P., ITCP, CMC, PMP, PMI SAC - Fellow

Vice President, Operations, CIPS Alberta 

About Daniel: 

What is your Background?

I've been a longtime CIPS member for more than eighteen years. I have followed the progress of CIPS and the Calgary branch for many years and attended many different programs put on by the branch and society as a whole. My motivation for wanting to get involved with the CIPS Alberta Board is to assist and help develop programs to meet the needs of the membership and grow the membership to its former glory.

Although I am a multi-credential holder it is important to note the first credential I acquired in my career was the I.S.P. going back more than eighteen years ago.

My Information Technology background includes starting as a programmer and working up the ranks to a business analyst, systems architect, and then to senior project manager.

Most recently I started with EnergyIQ, an oil & gas software development company, which integrates data from a variety of operational disparate systems and compiles the data into one Well record using a patented aggregation and blending data process. 

My past management experience was put to the test during my many years with Schlumberger and managing the Consulting operations for Canada, which focused on client based reservoir studies and third party corporate evaluations for capital placement, and then the Reservoir Laboratory, the second largest core lab in the world for Schlumberger.

When I'm not busy with work I'm taxiing my two children to and from soccer practices and games six days a week, during the indoor and outdoor seasons. In the winter months i enjoy skiing in the Rockies with my family, and hiking in the spring and summer. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I'm currently the Vice President of Operations at CIPS Alberta, and previously was a volunteer for the Project Management Institute's Southern Alberta Chapter (PMI SAC). During my time with PMI SAC I was actively involved in the development of the ambassador and mentorship programs, writing and finalizing the operations manual for the chapter, and was the executive sponsor for the Professional Development Conference two years in a row with more than 750 attendees, and the 2012 Gala which hosted the great Bobby, Bret and Dennis Hull.

In joining the CIPS Alberta and Northwest Territories board late last year I contributed using my past conference experience and worked with Debra King, the ICE Conference Chair, in pulling together this year’s successful program in Edmonton – even though I'm a loyal Flames fan.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS has provided me with an opportunity to meet many people from various disciplines in IT and industry. I really do enjoy meeting new people and making that common connection and see how CIPS could be of better service to the membership and community at large to service the IT community.


I’ve enjoyed the opportunity and responsibility to be a part of a provincial board that can influence IT and help the profession to become more recognized, as CIPS is in a unique position with a national certification program to help promote and recognize IT professionals.


May 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Dan Eng I.S.P., ITCP

CIPS Ontario

About Dan: 

What is your Background?

Graduated with a Rotman MBA. Prior to that completed a Computer Science degree at the U of T. I believe in lifelong learning. Currently working part-time with students at Guelph-Humber and Humber.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

Been with CIPS over 15 years including President of CIPS Toronto. Currently serving on the board of CIPS Ontario.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

A unique opportunity to engage with the best and the brightest. A truly national organization with a mission to serve the Canadian public and to represent Canada on the global stage. I am grateful for what CIPS has given me and seek to contribute in any way that I can.


April 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Darren MacDonald

President, CIPS PEI

About Darren: 

What is your Background?

I began my IT career 20 years ago as a developer for the Provincial Government of PEI.  Since then, I have worked as a IT Project Manager, and currently as the Manager of IT Services for the Workers Compensation Board of PEI. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

In 2012 I joined CIPS and became a member of the Board of Directors, and as of 2014 have become the President for the for the PEI chapter.  Over the last number of years I have also assisted with co-ordinating PD sessions, fund raisers, and social mixers.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

When I joined CIPS, I considered it a wonderful networking opportunity (which it is!), but once I joined, I soon realized that CIPS is an important association that has helped shape the IT profession in Canada. CIPS provides a great opportunity to give back to the IT community.


March 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Debra A. King, CMA

Treasurer, CIPS Alberta

About Debra: 

What is your Background?

Debra King is the founder and CEO of Atlas Rand Inc. providing business management, accounting and consulting services to organizations across Alberta. She has more than 2 decades of administrative and financial management experience in a wide range of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and more than 15 years of board governance experience having served as a director, member of finance & audit committees, treasurer and board chair. In her spare time, Debra enjoys reading, spending time with her daughters and surrounding herself with her dogs, horses, and pot-bellied pig.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

Debra is currently serving as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for CIPS Alberta and as Chair of the 2015 ICE Conference being held in Edmonton.  


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

Debra hopes her contribution to the CIPS Alberta board will help to strengthen what it means to be a CIPS member and to provide the business community with a preferred designation, “I.S.P”.   


February 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Jude Pillainayagam, PGD Comp. Tech., M.B.A., P. Eng., I.S.P., MIAM, MSLIM.

Vice President, CIPS BC

About Jude: 

What is your Background?

I have been associated with the Information Technology (IT) industry for nearly 20 years mainly providing innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to both the corporate business community and public sector institutions.  My experience spans from mainframe programming to mini/AS400 environment to microcomputer application platforms.  

Specialized in Systems Analysis and Design and Project Management, I have managed several ERP / business solution implementation projects that are transformational and multi-platform.  Integration of Technology with Business, and Leadership and Governance in Technology Management are my specialties.  My diverse education and experience aid a lot towards this.

In addition to postgraduate education in Computer Technology, I possess formal education and experience in many other disciplines.  I am a professional engineer (P. Eng.), an accountant, a management strategist (holds an MBA), a marketing specialist, an asset management professional (MIAM, UK), and an IT professional (I.S.P.).  My exposure in a variety of fields provides me ability to view solutions beyond the spectrum of a single discipline and employ technology solutions to yield competitive advantage. I practice as an independent consultant in the Business Technology, Technology Leadership /Governance, and ERP implementation areas. 

I enjoy reading, writing and art in addition to community volunteering.   I volunteered for a school system for nearly 10 years including as its Chair, and served as a director of the Catholic Independent Schools Vancouver Archdiocese, which manages over 40 schools, and contributed to its Finance committee and headed the Human Resources committee.  I am currently working for the City of Coquitlam. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I joined CIPS in 2013 and currently serve as the Vice President of the BC Chapter.  I was involved in developing the CIPS BC Business Plan, revamping CIPS BC Website, developing Institutional Memory project, and help in organizing network events.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

It is an ethical responsibility of a professional to work for the greater good of his/her profession without expecting anything in return.   I have contributed and continue to contribute to every profession I belong to because I believe that I can contribute to a change in the right direction.    

However, the involvement with CIPS has given me greater exposure to the understanding of real challenges in the IT industry especially in modern times, and a fabulous network of people who are great personalities beyond their unparalleled technical talents.

Holding the position of Vice President of CIPS BC gives me great pleasure, to be part of the Canadian IT profession and contribute to this pioneer institution that helped shape the IT industry not only in Canada but world over.


January 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

William H (Bill) Turgeon, I.S.P., ITCP

President, ComputerWise Consulting Inc.

Director of Professional Services, CIPS Alberta

About Bill: 

What is your Background?

I have been in the computer industry since 1970, first working on Digital NC milling machines and industrial process controllers using Burroughs and GE computers as a Certified Electronics Technologist. I also worked with early 'personal computers' (pre-IBM) like the Osborne; TRS-80's and Kaypro's, and originally trained in networking with WANG PC’s in the 1980’s.

Since then, I have been involved in the IT industry as a Professional Consultant, Senior Systems Engineer and Technical Architect. I hold a BSc. degree in Computer Engineering and also hold most of the Microsoft professional certifications including - MCP; MCP+I; MCSE; MCSE+I; MCDST; MCDBA; MCTS & MCITP as well as numerous non-Microsoft credentials including Novell CNA; CNE; ECNE & MCNE along with CompTIA A+; Network+; iNet+; Server+; Project+ & Security+. I am ITIL certified and also registered as a SFIA Accredited Consultant.

In my current work, I am primarily a core systems specialist dealing with the operating systems themselves as well as Directory Services and specialized servers such as Exchange Servers, SQL servers and OCS. Included in my Areas of Competency are such things as: planning and developing automated OS deployments; acting as a systems analyst and remediation specialist dealing with system problems including recovery from malware and Day 0 events; assisting IT Managers with staff assessments and training; and assisting in developing policies and procedures for corporate IT departments.

I currently contract as ComputerWise Consulting Inc., entirely to other consulting/computer firms that have need of high-end technical expertise to provide service for their clients and specializing primarily in system security; troubleshooting; systems analysis; re-design and implementation services for technical systems as well consulting on IT department organization and planning.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I first joined CIPS in 2003 while living in Prince George, BC and immediately attained my I.S.P. designation. I served as vice-president of the local chapter for a year until I moved to Calgary. I have served on the CIPS Alberta Board of Directors since 2011 and am currently the Director of Professional Services. In that capacity, I spearheaded the efforts to get a professional seal designed and approved for I.S.P.’s in Alberta.

I also serve as the Alberta representative on the CIPS National Professional Services Advisory Committee (PSAC) and act as co-chair on that committee.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I originally joined CIPS to further my professional development and because I saw a need for a professional organization to support and nurture professionalism in what was considered a trade rather than a profession in Northern BC.

I still feel that CIPS is the best venue to further professionalism in the IT industry, even more so now that numerous organizations have sprung up to further the agenda of individual IT specializations.

IT Professionals need an organization to set standards of Professionalism and Ethics for the industry as well as to act as the voice of Professionalism in the industry. With its long and rich history in the IT profession, CIPS is still the best venue for professional growth and recognition for IT industry professionals in Canada.


December 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Vincent Chiew, I.S.P., ITCP

President of Axis Cogni-Solve Ltd.

Past President, CIPS Alberta

About Vincent: 

What is your Background?

My first introduction to computers was at my junior high school computer club where I got to play computer games over lunch and after school hours. Those were happy times, where computer time means fun and no work, and there were no worries about malware and hackers. During my university years, although computer was no longer just “fun”, I completed my education in computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, and eventually obtained my Ph.D. in software engineering. For over twenty years I have been working in both academia and industry as a licensed and certified professional. My domains of practice include information system, safety, security, standard, quality, project management, and engineering. I have also worked in industries such as oil & gas, water & wastewater, utilities, municipality, military, health, travel, and restaurant. Socially, I enjoy Ballroom, Latin, and Country Western dancing.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I joined CIPS Alberta in 2006 and served as executive board member for six years. I had the privilege of contributing to the following areas:

  • Professional Standard Advisory Council (PSAC),
  • Development and establishment of Academic Entry Route for I.S.P.,
  • Affiliation between CIPS Alberta and the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2,
  • Software engineering issues committee,
  • Software engineering legal case,
  • Development of IT risk management guideline,
  • Alberta and Council of Provinces (COP) representative on passport guarantor project,
  • CIPS Body of Knowledge (BoK),
  • Code of Ethics (CoE) exam,
  • Governance & regulation,
  • Education institution accreditation program,
  • Certification council,
  • Alberta legislated I.S.P. designation review,
  • Mentoring program, and
  • Collaborating with other IT associations


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I am grateful that Dr. Michael R. Williams, Hon. FCIPS, had introduced me to CIPS Alberta (AB), which is the only legally recognized self-governing body to manage the I.S.P. designation under the Alberta government Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act (POARA). In addition, CIPS AB has its own stamp and seal allowing I.S.P. like me to authenticate professional documents. I take pride in knowing that I am able to contribute to both industry and academia locally, nationally, and globally. Finally, being part of CIPS has enriched me professionally thanks to the many great minded CIPS members and its legacy of over 50 years.


October 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Candace Phelps

Marketing Chair, CIPS Alberta & NWT

About Candace: 

What is your Background?

I was 11 when we first got a computer in our home and I quickly became the go-to person to figure things out when someone was stuck. That’s where my interest in technology was born. Since then, I pursued a degree in Computing Science from the University of Alberta. I absolutely loved the only course that was offered in designing web applications (and received an A+). I maintained my interest in Technology by pursuing an Education degree majoring in Career & Technology Studies and enjoyed exploring how to teach Computing Science in high school and how to increase the number of females interested in these courses. I’m currently working as a Designer / Developer, loving the exploration of User Experience to help people meet their goals, and reading through the A Book Apart series. In my spare time, I can be found frequenting coffee shops and practicing my singing skills in a small vocalist group (…not in the coffee shops though). 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I’ve attended CIPS dinners for the past 3 years and, as of this Fall, joined the CIPS Board to help make CIPS more relevant for its members. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

An opportunity to work with IT professionals outside of work! I’m also excited about the opportunity to apply design skills to the CIPS AB newsletters and website.


September 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Simon Chandler I.S.P., ITCP

VP Operations, CIPS Alberta & NWT

About Simon: 

What is your Background?

Simon Chandler has over 16 years of experience working in the field of information technology. He has worked at the senior consultant level within the communications, transportation and oil and gas industries where he has applied a wealth of hard-earned knowledge and practical ability. His sharp analytical skills were gained from years in the trenches as a software developer and systems analyst. In the past half dozen years his work has transitioned to focus on consultancy in business analysis and strategy.  Mr. Chandler has provided thought leadership in the generation of innovative solutions to complex systems problems for such companies as Cenovus, CP Rail and Shaw Communications. His academic research work centered upon crowdsourcing and the challenges surrounding the practical application of crowd-based system principles to the enterprise. Mr. Chandler currently works in Calgary as an independent Business Analyst consultant in oil and gas and transportation. Simon holds a Master of Science in Information Systems from Athabasca University and is a holder of the CIPS I.S.P, ITCP designations


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

VP Operations CIPS Alberta & NWT. CIPS member for 8 years.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

Great networking opportunities, valuable skills development and leadership. CIPS is a wonderful organization that serves a noble and important function in the IT community!


August 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Dale McInnis, I.S.P. ITCP

National Director

About Dale: 

What is your Background?

I am currently a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) at the IBM Toronto Canada lab. I have a B.Sc.(CS) from the University of New Brunswick and a Masters of Engineering (M.Eng) from the University of Toronto and maintain the I.S.P. and ITCP Certifications from CIPS. After graduating from UNB I joined IBM in 1988, and have been working on the DB2 development team since 1992. My area of expertise includes DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Kernel development, where I led teams that designed the current backup and recovery architecture and most key high availability and disaster recovery technologies. I am a frequent speaker at the International DB2 Users Groups (IDUG) conferences worldwide, as well as DB2 Regional users groups and IBM's Information On Demand (IOD) conference.  I currently fill the role of Chief Architect for Information Management(IM) Cloud Availability at the IBM Toronto Canada Lab. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I joined CIPS in 2000.  I received my ISP certification in 2003 and in 2013 I volunteered to help out the CIPS national board and am now a Director at large on the national board.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I joined CIPS in 2000 in an effort to expand my knowledge of the IT industry as well as associate with other professionals in IT.  I have attended several CIPS Toronto sections over the years and have always been impressed with both the topic as well as the speakers.  More recently I was involved with the review of the Bill C-13 (Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act) draft which re-enforced the importance of CIPS representing IT professionals with the Canadian Government.


July 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Ian McLeod, I.S.P., ITCP

Secretary & National Director, CIPS BC

About Ian: 

What is your Background?

I grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, then took one of the early Computer Science programs at the University of Regina, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in 1978.

After a move to BC in 1980, I have worked in a number of industries, most notably as the senior IT leader in K-12 and Post-Secondary educational institutions in Surrey, Vancouver, and Victoria.

Over the years I have been a strong supporter of professionalism in IT, getting actively involved in many roles with the Data Processing Management Association. I was awarded the Double Diamond level Individual Performance Award in 2000, for ‘sustained, meritorious service to the Association’. I hold the Certified Computer Professional designation from ICCP, as well as the I.S.P. and ITCP designations from CIPS.

Ian has completed the Academy for Leadership and Development (2012) from the Chair Academy, and has served as a board member and scholarship review panel for the David L. Squires Foundation for many years.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

After the demise of DPMA in Canada, I joined CIPS in order to continue supporting the profession. My favorite CIPS activity in those days was the annual golf tournament, held at Hazelmere.

My I.S.P. designation was awarded in 2001, and subsequently the ITCP was awarded in 2009.

In 2008 I joined the CIPS-BC board, becoming Secretary for BC, and have been a Certification review representative for several years.

 In 2013 I became the BC representative to the National Board.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

In my early career, I sat next to a fellow DPMA member, who told me to get involved, as I would get out what I put into any organization.  I continue to believe this to be true, for professional and personal improvement. I have an extensive network of contacts and colleagues, built up over many years. Attendance at CIPS events and active participation as a member and board volunteer continue to enhance and develop my contacts, as well as staying current in the ever-changing field of IT. I have a deep concern for the future of CIPS, and I challenge all my colleagues to do everything in their ability to strengthen our programming and increase the value to (and numbers of) members.


June 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Rebecca Faulkner 

President, CIPS PEI

About Rebecca: 

What is your Background?

  • Graduated from UNC Wilmington with a duel degree in Information Systems and Accounting
  • 15 years of IT experience - beginning years spent in development which led me into Project Management (my true passion!), PMP certified
  • Outdoor enthusiast with a deep appreciation for nature, living simply and enjoying life.
  • Hobbies include skiing, trail running, rowing, pottery and interior design


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

  • Initially joined the PEI chapter board of directors in 2010 and quickly assumed the Treasurer role
  • Currently serving my first year as President and will continue in this role in the fall


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

  • Fully enjoy the networking opportunity CIPS provides with our monthly professional development sessions.


May 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Joan Cosford I.S.P. (ret.) 

Treasurer, CIPS BC

"Joan has been instrumental in building energy and engagement in CIPS Vancouver. At the same time, she has built a financial framework for CIPS BC that enables management accounting as well as solid budgeting and accountability." - David O'Leary I.S.P., ITCP, CIPS BC President

About Joan: 

What is your Background?

My IT career spanned just over 33 years, starting as a computer operator in 1974.  My training included manually wiring circuit boards on an old Burroughs collator to sort 80-column cards... those were the days!  I loved everything about computers and quickly progressed from computer operator to programmer to systems analyst and finally into IT management. Except for three years in Kamloops, my whole career has been in the Vancouver area .  I was very active in the System 34/38 User Group in Vancouver, serving one term as President.  I enjoyed working in small manufacturing companies, municipal governments, IT consulting firms and  finally retired in 2007 after seven years with TELUS.  


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I joined CIPS in 1990 primarily to network with other IT professionals in the area and keep abreast of emerging technologies and associated management issues.  In 1993, I achieved my I.S.P designation which I proudly used for the remainder of my career.  I actively participated in the CIPS Vancouver program of monthly dinner meetings, and in 2000 finally joined the Board of CIPS-BC.  In 2007, just before retiring, I assumed the position of Treasurer for CIPS-BC – a role that I am in the process of relinquishing after seven very interesting and rewarding years.  During my tenure, we assumed financial management of our Vancouver and Victoria sections and consolidated them under the provincial body (CIPS-BC).  Working with the National office, we devised and implemented a new dues structure for CIPS members in BC. And in 2014 we introduced more financial discipline with the preparation and adoption of our first operational budget.  I also served as Coordinator for two CIPS-BC speaker series events in Vancouver this past spring.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?


CIPS has provided me with the opportunity to interact with a large number of IT professionals working in very diverse industries and roles.  As a person retired from IT, active participation on the CIPS-BC Board has allowed me to maintain a connection with the profession.  I have been able to work as part of a dedicated team actively supporting and helping to promote the importance of ethical standards and certification for IT practitioners  in BC and Canada.  


April 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Trekker Armstrong, I.S.P., ITCP, FCIPS

CIPS National Director

About Trekker: 

What is your Background?

Trekker Armstrong holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary specializing in Management Information Systems, and maintains an Information Systems Professional (ISP), ITCP/IP3P certification from the Canadian Information Processing Society.  As a senior professional with 32 years’ experience in Information Systems for the energy industry, he has enjoyed many varied and interesting roles within TransCanada Pipelines.  Trekker comes from a flying family whose four siblings and both parents are pilots.  Trekker is an owner/pilot and serves as the Secretary, Alberta & NWT Director for the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA).  Trekker is married to his wife Janet of 30 years and a proud father of three children.

Mr. Armstrong is currently the Director of Strategy & Architecture at TransCanada Corporation and is accountable for stewarding the ongoing alignment of TransCanada’s Information Systems technology direction with the annual and long-term plans for operation, growth, and transformation of TransCanada’s business.  


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

Trekker Armstrong, I.S.P., ITCP, FCIPS, is the past Chair of the CIPS National Board (Canadian Council of Information Technology Professionals - CCITP).  He also served as CIPS Calgary Section President from 2005 to 2006, the Alberta Director on the National Board (CCITP) from 2008-2009, Chair of the National Board (CCITP) from 2009-2012, and subsequently is a Director-at-Large with the National Board.  In 2012, he was appointed the CIPS delegate to the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO).  FEAPO is a worldwide association of professional organizations which have come together to provide a forum to standardize, professionalize, and otherwise advance the discipline of Enterprise Architecture (EA).


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

Early in his career, Mr. Armstrong looked for the Association that represented his chosen profession.  He joined the Canadian Information Processing Society in 1984.  CIPS provided tremendous opportunities for personal development and networking.   Mr. Armstrong became an active participant in IT forums for the development and promotion of standards and practices, research, certification, and professional development.  Through his volunteer efforts he has developed his leadership skills, and has “benefited tremendously” from the contacts he has made across Canada.


March 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Linda Hunter PMP, I.S.P., ITCP 

CIPS Manitoba President

About Linda: 

What is your Background?

I was born and raised in Manitoba and have lived here all my life except for 3 years when my then fiancé and I moved to Edmonton, Alberta.  I started my career in the IT industry as a data entry operator which piqued my interest in programming and eventually systems analysis.  I continued to expand my experience and education while working my way up to Project Manager and for the past several years,  I have been a Senior Project Manager and Principal with Sierra Systems.  During my career, I’ve worked for a number of companies but have spent most of my time in consulting and providing project management services for the insurance, telecommunications, credit union, retail, and healthcare industries.  In my spare time, I have been on the Board of Directors for the Ukrainian Cultural & Educational Centre Oseredok for the past 15 years, I sing in a Ukrainian choir called the O. Koshetz Choir which I’ve been a member of for over 30 years, and with whom I’ve travelled to Ukraine 3 times, South America, Europe, and a number of cities in North America to perform as well as performing a number of times with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  I enjoy oil painting, crafts, golfing, and gardening but most of all traveling to other parts of the world to learn about all the different cultures.  


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

Shortly after joining CIPS in 1987, I became involved with the CIPS Winnipeg section starting on some of the sub-committees and eventually getting involved with the executive holding several different positions.  I was also privileged to be one of the founding members when establishing CIPS Manitoba in preparation for the I.S.P. as a provincial designation and have been the CIPS Manitoba President for the past several years.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS has provided me with an opportunity to meet many professionals in the information technology industry and to learn from some of the best the industry has to offer.  It has broadened my network of contacts and has taught me a lot about governance and management of organizations which I have been able to apply to other volunteer opportunities.  Obtaining my I.S.P. was very important to me as recognition for my education, experience and accomplishments as an IT professional.  CIPS allows me to stay up-to-date with existing and emerging technologies.

I am very honoured to be the CIPS Volunteer of the Month and appreciate all the opportunities this great organization has given me.  It really is a privilege to be part of such a great group of people.


February 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Alison Drew

Vice President, Program/Marketing/Sponsorship, CIPS Alberta

About Alison: 

What is your Background?

I was born in Carrot River, a very tiny farming community in the North East Saskatchewan.  After graduating high school, I attended the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Manitoba to obtain my degree in Economics and Business Management.  My career has been varied; working in the Public and Private sectors in industries ranging from IT to Agriculture to Construction and more recently, I have found my way back to IT.   I love reading, gardening, fishing and taking full advantage of my proximity to the mountains and campgrounds here in Alberta.  However, my real passion is travel.  My parents were devoted travelers and I have inherited their love of immersing myself in other cultures and experiencing different parts of the world. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

New to Calgary, I was looking for an opportunity to participate in an organization for networking and social reasons.  After attending several of the CIPS Calgary events, I knew that this was an organization that I wanted to be involved with.  I currently serve on the Board of Directors for CIPS Alberta / NWT in the role of VP, Program and Sponsorship. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I have always been an avid volunteer and I am pleased to have the opportunity to be a member of the board.  Personally, I feel truly privileged to be working with an incredible group of board members and volunteers who share my passion for giving back to the IT community as part of an organization whose mandate couldn’t be more critical to all of us – setting the standards of IT professionalism.  Professionally, volunteering for CIPS has broadened my network of colleagues and opened up a great many opportunities for me now and in the future.  I look forward every month to attending the local CIPS events, meeting new people and sharing information and ideas with like minded colleagues.

I am truly honored to be the CIPS volunteer of the month and I would like to thank everyone whose dedication to CIPS makes this an organization I’m proud to belong to.


January 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Margaret Havey, I.S.P., ITCP

President, CIPS NS

MARLANT DRMIS (SAP) Support Manager, DND

About Margaret: 

What is your Background?

I’ve been in the field of Information technology for over 25 years, starting out as a small jobs contractor and later becoming sole proprietor of a computer systems support company.  In 1992 I accepted an offer from the Department of National Defence at Halifax to manage their new CADD system, purchased to support electronic design documentation for a new new ship class.  My career in the Department has included systems management; design, implementation, and management of an engineering application; IT management; and IT business analysis.  I am immensely enjoying my latest role as DRMIS (SAP) Support Manager for the Department’s new East Coast Navy DRMIS Centre of Excellence. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I started going to CIPS Bluenose Dinner Meetings because it was an easy way to keep up with changes in IT and it provided opportunities to talk to like-minded individuals on topics of mutual interest.  Eventually I joined, and in 2002 was awarded my I.S.P.  I’ve been involved with the CIPS NS Board a number of times, first as a member-at-large, then as Director Marketing and Communications, and now as President.  Along the way I’ve had many satisfying accomplishments – I was a significant contributor to the revised Code of Ethics (2004), and I’ve produced two CIPS Special Features Pages in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald as well as the first annual IT Professionalism Week newspaper ad listing all CIPS NS members.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS has provided me with the opportunity to be part of a professional community, as well as the opportunity to participate in and be governed by a professional structure – something sorely needed in the IT industry.  Over the years I’ve made many valuable connections, and a few long-lasting friendships.  Lately I’ve especially enjoyed meeting members from the other provincial societies while collaborating on CIPS opportunities and challenges.  My volunteer work with CIPS has and continues to provide me with professional development opportunities at various organizational levels.


November 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Patrick Upson

Director, CIPS Nova Scotia

About Patrick: 

What is your Background?

I was born in Nova Scotia and travelled a lot as a youth, living in both Canada and the US. After graduating High School in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia I attended Dalhousie University to obtain my Bachelors of Computer Science. I joined CIPS as a student on the advice of a close family member, who's always given me strong, reliable advice. I started working at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia as a co-op student working for Natural Resources Canada.  I did a later co-op term with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. My knowledge, skill and potential proved to be incentive enough for them to hire me after I graduated. I'm now the Bedford Institutes' web master and an application developer for Fisheries and Oceans.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I eventually decided I wanted to give back, as those I received help from had. I also wanted to step outside my comfort zone and do something different to develop professionally. Hearing the program committee director position on the CIPS NS board was open I decided to give it a shot. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I've certainly struggled to make the connections needed to do the job successfully, but I've had a lot of help from the board. It's been a pleasure, a great learning experience and I am looking forward to future learning opportunities.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I've learned a lot from my position on the CIPS NS board and feel I've grown immensely as a person, both personally and professionally. I've only been volunteering for CIPS for about a year and a half, but have had great opportunities to make some really solid connections and memorable experiences working with some other very talented volunteers and meeting lots of extremely interesting people. I can't put a value on that kind of experience.


October 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Eric George, I.S.P.

Director, CIPS British Columbia

About Eric: 

What is your Background?

My background is living in British Columbia. As I mature, I realize that it is the favored approach to make full opportunity of the time during the day, with the appropriate balance of productivity and entertainment, and getting a good nights sleep. My education is a BTech in Computer Systems from BCIT, and currently enrolled in a MSc in Information Systems at Athabasca University. I currently work at another not-for-profit association as a Programmer Analyst. I also enjoy tennis, running, volleyball, and golf. Lastly, I also realize that you should always grow and move forward in your career ambitions. Those ambitions should be giant and much bigger than what you are currently at. So breakthrough your challenges so that at the end, and even during, you can be at peace knowing that you are fulfilling your dreams one step at a time. It is not too late. Do not be discouraged along the way but keep your vision in front of you. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

My involvement with CIPS started when I received my ISP designation in 2012. Since then I gratefully found myself as a Director on the BC Board in 2013.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

Being a CIPS Director has provided me with the experience of how a Board of Directors conducts business and particularly membership concerns. This experience I would not have in my current paying job. Also a greater satisfaction to promote professionalism in the ICT community in Canada. And an increased awareness of the issues our members and non-members have in the workplace.


September 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Daryl Hepting

CIPS Saskatchewan

About Daryl: 

What is your Background?

I was born and raised in Regina, down the street from the RCMP Depot Division, cheering for the Roughriders. It has been 25 years since I completed by B.Sc. in Computer Science (Honours) and Math from the University of Regina.  Since then, I've completed a M.Sc. (also in Computer Science from the University of Regina) with a thesis that dealt with fractals, worked on Benoit B Mandelbrot's Fractals Project at IBM and Yale, completed a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University on the topic of computer-aided visualization, worked for a startup in interactive television services, and began (in 2001) my career as as academic back in Regina.

I am presently an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and an associate member of the Department of Media Production and Studies at the University of Regina. I chair the outreach committee for CACS/AIC (Canadian Association of Computer Science/Association d'Informatique Canadienne). My research is presently NSERC-funded and focused on the development of tools to help people deal with and navigate complex information spaces, in application areas as diverse as environmental decision support, eyewitness identification, and multimedia composition. I especially enjoying teaching courses that tackle interaction design, multimedia,  and social and professional issues of computing. Apart from work, I enjoy cooking, cycling, swimming, and singing.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I've had some involvement with CIPS since my undergraduate days, when many in the Department, especially Alan Law, Brien Maguire, Larry Saxton, and Larry Symes, were very active in CIPS. I also knew of CIPS because of its special interest group, the CHCCS/SCDHM (Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society / Société Canadienne du Dialogue Humain-Machine), which sponsors Graphics Interface, the oldest regularly-scheduled computer graphics and human-computer interaction conference (first held in 1969).

The Computer Science degree program at the University of Regina is the longest continuously accredited by CIPS, which makes it easy for those graduates to get the I.S.P. designation.  I am presently pursuing my own I.S.P. designation via the established academic route. I organized a presentation at the 2004 CIPS Saskatchewan Spring Seminar and more recently I have been working with CIPS Saskatchewan Executive Director Maria Galati to promote Computer Science Education Week (December 8 - 14, 2013, with an annual luncheon (our 4th is coming up this year).  As a development of last year's luncheon, an education committee within CIPS Saskatchewan was formed and I serve on it.  I have also worked with CIPS to promote Canadian Computing Education Day - the first was held last year (the next will be February 21, 2014, I am happy to have been chosen as one of the CIPS community bloggers on ITworld Canada.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I am grateful to CIPS for the opportunity to become involved in and contribute to the Canadian computing community. I have benefitted a great deal from the connections available to me through CIPS: a case in point was a panel session at the SIGITE conference in Calgary in October of 2012.  When a panel session that I was organizing needed a line-up change, CIPS Alberta members were exceptionally helpful.  I look forward to a continuing and deepening relationship with CIPS in the coming years.


August 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Richard Thompson, FCIPS

CIPS Alberta

About Richard: 

What is your Background?

In the UK in the late 60s, it was hard to find a program focussed on the use of computers, so I left University and became a programmer with the British Steel Corporation working on production control systems. Later I moved to Westland Helicopters Ltd. and developed systems for their Product Support Division. Next job hop was to Canada to work for the City of Edmonton, where I handled support for the billing and customer service systems for the City owned utilities (power, water and telephone). In the early 90s we migrated all these systems to the utilities prior to hiving them off. At that point I switched to Community and Family Services to introduce computer systems to social work. I then managed Corporate telecommunications for a while including developing a Business Mobility strategy. In the 2000s I became an internal management consultant helping business units solve business problems, looking at business process prior to introducing computer solutions and helping with change management. Now I am pretty well retired and focussed on improving my golf game and driving my wife crazy.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I became involved with CIPS in 1990 because of the certification program and gained my ISP. That lead to working on the CIPS Alberta Project establishing the Provincial legislation and the necessary agreements with CIPS National. In 1994 I became a CIPS National Director at Large clarified CIPS National's policies related to Provincial legislation and met with many CIPS members across the country to help them initiate their own Provincial projects. In 1995 I took on the CIPS National Professional Standards portfolio and became involved in all aspects of certification and accreditation. Then followed a stint with CIPS Alberta including President. Over the years I have helped with moving CIPS to its focus on professional standards and worked on two constitutional reviews to help achieve those changes. Latterly I have been a member of the Experience Evaluation Committee reviewing applications for the ISP and the ITCP, with the occasional accreditation visit to colleges and universities. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS has provided me with an amazing network of people all across Canada including some who have become strong friends. I learned lots from CIPS conferences and my time on CIPS boards gave me lots of management and governance experience. The work on accreditation both introduced me to academics and the intricacies of their world. It is fair to say that CIPS broadened my horizons and helped me move from a technical approach to a complete approach to business problems and their solution.


July 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Neil Lang, I.S.P., ITCP

CIPS Alberta

Internship Coordinator @ NAIT for Bachelor Applied Information Systems Technology  

About Neil: 

What is your Background?

B.Sc. in CompSc from U Alberta mid 70s, 5 years as a programmer for Alberta Govt Telephones, 2 years consulting for Alberta Govt, 4 years Systems Analyst with Alberta Treasury, 26 years with NAIT as Instructor, Assistant Program Head Computer Systems Tech and Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Tech.

Interests: Gardening – coordinator of Front Yards in Bloom for Edmonton Horticultural Society

Fitness- Member of the board for Westmount Fitness Club.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

Recently primarily on Certification Council for the Academic side.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

Primarily networking with I.T. professionals across the country and encouraging accreditation by colleges, certification by systems people.


Was wonderful to attend national CIPS conferences to interact with other CIPS members.


June 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Brian Helstrom, I.S.P., ITCP

Director, CIPS Ontario

IT Management Consultant; Senior IT Architect   

About Brian: 

What is your Background?

I am currently employed with IBM as a Senior Enterprise Architect  Consultant in the Strategy and Transformation practice. My background is very diverse and includes Enterprise Architecture, SOA, application architecture, solution architecture and business integration, ITIL Service Management, methods for IT Strategic Planning, IT & Industrial Asset Management, IT operational management, roll-out planning, and effectiveness assessments. I have written a number of papers including White-papers on Implementation Techniques, as well as authoring chapters in “Maintenance Excellence” which addresses managing maintenance and maintenance maturity models including IT Assets.    I am a Distinguished Certified IT Architect in the IBM Enterprise Architecture practice and am a long standing I.S.P. with CIPS Ontario.  I have more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry globally.   I have also recently spoken at professional conferences on the topic of IT skills and several times concerning the basics and benefits of ITIL and IT Professionalism alike.

–        PhD Integrated Computer Science, Parkwood University
–        MSc Human Computer Interaction Guelph University
–        B.Sc Application Systems Design, Brock University
–        Diploma, Industrial Mechanics, Niagara College of Applied Arts

–        Distinguished IT Architect
–        Information Systems Professional
–        Master Certified Specialist
–        IT Certified Professional
–        TOGAF9

- Golf, Tennis, and Running 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

Been involved with CIPS for many years from 1994 as a member in the Golden Horseshoe to being on the Board for CIPS Ontario since  2002. Been on the discipline committee since 2006 and continue to chair this important committed.  Was very much involved in establishing the National code of conduct, National Discipline Process, Ontario Discipline and Enforcement Process, National Service Agreement, Corporate Recognition Presentation, and appointed participant to PSAC.   Been to numerous promotional presentations and trade shows.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS has provided me the opportunity to network with many highly accredited individuals nationally and to participate in influencing the direction of IT professionalism with Canada.  It has offered me the challenges of working with organization made of good intention volunteers with a diverse view of where the IT profession needs to go.  CIPS has offered me fellowship with some of the best people I have had the pleasure to share ideas with and has provide that comradery of acceptance wherever I go in Canada and sometimes beyond.


May 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Mukesh Kashyap, I.S.P., ITCP

Director, CIPS BC

Business Advisor – IM/IT, Government of British Columbia,  

Ministry of Finance, Internal Audit and Advisory Services

About Mukesh: 

What is your Background?

I immigrated to Canada 15 years ago from India, where I worked for the Federal government of India as a System Manager upon the completion of my degree in Computer Science.

I am presently working as a Business Advisor – IM/IT with the Government of British Columbia, Ministry of Finance. I am responsible for developing IM/IT strategies, providing assurance and audits for information management and information technology systems across British Columbia’s ministries and crown corporations. During reviews, I apply IM/IT standards for business requirements, SDLC, security, architecture and governance, consistent with the government guidelines and industry frameworks.

Previously, my contemporary assignment with the Ministry of Social Development was an enterprise wide multi-year, multi-ministry, and multi-phased high profile business transformation project. As the project director (controls & quality), my responsibility was to develop a new notion of performance measurement framework (e.g. Benefit Realization) as well as reporting for the ministries and Treasury Board. In addition, I was involved with reviewing the project controls and quality of business processes, including security and privacy, along with identifying risks.

Earlier I worked for 8 years with the BC Ministry of Forest as a Systems Analyst and later moved to a Team Leader/ Project Manager and Business Analyst position. During this time I developed, implemented and maintained several corporate revenue systems,  I led and worked with the federal government and industry stakeholder’s collaboration.  Previously  I worked as a consultant for couple years with BC Ministry of Health and worked on Mainframe systems.

I have a Master’s in Business Administration with specialization in management consulting and Advance certificate in Business Analysis from Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. I have been working with the provincial government of BC for more than 13 years. My efforts were recognized and honored by the National and Provincial professional associations (i.e. CIPA, BC Technology, Government Technology, and the BC Premier Award) for my teamwork, project management and innovative skills while dealing with numerous internal and external stakeholders (i.e. industry, federal and provincial government, and vendors). In addition to ISP and ITCP from CIPS, I maintain a few other designations from ITSMF, ISACA, IIA and the BC government.

In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering. I volunteer my time with several professional, community and cultural associations. I volunteered for four years as the Vice-President and secretary for the Greater Victoria International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) chapter and am one of the active founding members for this chapter. I also volunteered with the Institute of Internal Auditors Vancouver Island chapter as the Chair of communication and Program coordinator for more than two years. I prepared our quarterly chapter newsletter and organized events. On behalf of the chapter, I participated in the IIA North American Leadership conference.

Presently I am on the Trustee board of Victoria Hindu Parishad (VHP), and Departmental Representative with the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI) on behalf of the Government of BC.  I have been on the board of VHP for more than 13 years, as an Executive committee member, Vice-President and Treasurer. I have been involved with developing and organizing events, involving membership and promoting cultural and heritage values in the communities’.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I received my ISP designation in 2006 and joined the CIPS British Columbia Board of Directors in 2007. 

As a Director (Membership) with CIPS-BC I maintain memberships and related issues and share them with the CIPS National membership committee, National office and the BC board. During 2010 I led and proposed to provide rebate to members to maintain and encourage an increase in membership. Recently a  similar exercise was completed, by excluding the section fee in BC. As a board member I actively participate in the work and events organized in BC.

I worked on the on British Columbia Technology Award Review Committee during 2006 as an adjudicator, where I was assigned to review the technological features/ components of the nominated projects and provide recommendations for the projects, on behalf of CIPS,

I was an active member of the CIPS Common Body of Knowledge for Computing and IT (CBOK) committee in 2012. My involvement was present from the beginning of the group and I led two key technical sections of CBOK. The group I worked with was very professional and knowledgeable. The CIPS CBOK is a wonderful tool for IT professionals in Canada and across the globe.

My objective is to bring CIPS’ values in the mind of IM/IT and other professionals. I represented CIPS-BC and participated in the Information and Communication Technology Council (ICTC) I-Advance program National Review committee and previously participated as the subject matter expert in developing I-Advance certification activities.

Being a Business Advisor – IM/IT (IM/IT Auditor) with the Government of British Columbia, I was nominated by the CIPS National Board to audit CIPS certification application processing and overall governance of CIPS. I worked on the application processing and presented my report to CIPS National Board and Executive board. I am pleased to receive the support and dedication of the CIPS National  and Certification council members.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

My involvement with CIPS has provided me incredible opportunities to work with committed, adoring and motivated IM/IT professionals. Engagements with CIPS activities at the National and Provincial level provide me with opportunities to meet, and work with like-minded people and most of all, learn from them.

The CIPS professional designation allowed me to further develop and maintain my profession year after year. Also allows me to maintain my designations, and stay up to date with existing and evolving technologies and management competencies.

At end, I would like to emphasis that the CIPS designation is a gateway to immigrant IM/IT professionals in Canada.  


April 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Jon Nightingale, I.S.P. (ret)

President, CIPS BC

About Jon: 

What is your Background?

I originally came to IT indirectly.  I started my university education at UBC in mining engineering.  I had several summer jobs in the far north, and during the last one got involved in a project using a software program for doing open-pit mine design and planning.  At that point I decided working in the wilderness was not for me and computer programming looked interesting.  I switched to computer science and graduated in the first year UBC offered a degree in computer science.  Upon graduation I took a job at the UBC Computing Centre, which ended up as a 20-year career, primarily in client support areas. 

In 1993 I took the opportunity of a severance package from UBC and went out on my own.  A couple of years later I was back at UBC as a contractor doing some website design work.  During that time I was also doing work for a small Internet start-up company and this eventually morphed into a full-time job.  The main focus was web-based image collections, primarily in the museum and fine-art areas. 

I cut back to part-time work a couple of years back and am now pretty much retired.  For leisure these days I walk a lot to stay fit and enjoy travelling and photography.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

Over my many years in CIPS I have served in multiple roles at the local, provincial, and national levels.  My CIPS career started in 1976 when my UBC boss Al Fowler, then on the CIPS Vancouver Board and later a CIPS National President, asked me to take care of the Vancouver membership list.  I spent much of the next few years working on membership matters locally and nationally.  Long before the Internet we actually ran the national membership system on UBC's mainframe, with the National Office accessing it via Datapac.

I was on the National Executive in the mid-80's when we had the referendum that started us on the path to our professional designations.  In 1996 I joined the Certification Council which I chaired for a number of years, and I also chaired the council experience committee that reviews the experience reviews of I.S.P. applications. 

In 2004 I took on the role of Chair of the Governance Committee which, over the next several years, moved CIPS to its new and current structure.  Subsequent to that I served on the CCITP and am currently completing my second term as President of CIPS BC.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

My early years in CIPS contributed greatly to my professional development. It provided an opportunity to interact with a variety of people at different levels in their careers, from students to CIO's.  Local dinner meetings and seminars as well as the annual national conferences kept me up-to-date on the industry.

The greatest pleasure of involvement with CIPS for me has always been working with a large, diverse, and dedicated collection of individuals and this, more than anything, is the reason I have remained active so long.  Through CIPS I have developed a network of colleagues and friends that extends from one end of the country to the other.


March 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Thomas Boxall, I.S.P., ITCP    

Developer, ISM Canada

 Director, CIPS Saskatchewan

About Thomas: 

What is your Background?

I've been programming since I was 7-8 years old.  My father bought the family an Amiga 500 when I was a child and I fell in love with AmigaBasic and all the possibilities it presented.  I entered the IT Industry in 1999 as a Signal Operator for the Canadian Forces.  This gave me a very raw view of what computers can do in the worst conditions, and seeded the dedicated and professional attitude I have to this day.  While with the Canadian Forces I served one tour in Afghanistan with the Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment (CFJSR).  In 2007 I was hired by ISM Canada, an IBM company, where I've worked as a Developer for the last 6 years.  In 2011 I became the first person in Saskatchewan to receive their ITCP via the application process. My interests include, role-playing games (of which I develop for several companies), mobile development, Open Source development, politics, and I'm a strong supporter of the Canadian Forces.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I first heard about CIPS while in University, but didn't become involved until I joined ISM Canada.  CIPS' desire to promote professionalism in the IT industry resonated with my desire to be an IT Professional.  I started off as the Student Coordinator for CIPS Regina and participated on the CIPS Regina Board until their amalgamation with CIPS Saskatoon to create CIPS Saskatchewan.  I continued to volunteer for CIPS Saskatchewan as a Student Coordinator in Regina.  2 years ago I was voted onto the CIPS Saskatchewan Board of Directors and took up the position as the Southern Saskatchewan Program Director.  Last year the Northern Saskatchewan and Southern Saskatchewan Program Chairs were merged and I became the CIPS Saskatchewan Program Director.  I owe a lot of my success to the hard work of our Executive Director Maria Galati, our partnership agreements with groups like PMI, IIBA, and the Regina Tech Community, and my desire to bring the best content to our members.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I've never really thought what value my involvement with CIPS provided, I always volunteered because I believe in what CIPS stands for, and what we bring to the IT Industry.  I will always work hard to promote professional development to our members, students, and the IT industry. I want to thank CIPS for awarding me as the CIPS Volunteer of the Month.  It has always been a great honour for me to be a part of this great organization, and I try to give back as much as I can.  


February 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Lynne Heffel, CHRP, CCI    

President, HR Works Inc.

 Past President, CIPS Edmonton  

About Lynne: 

What is your Background?

My background is not, and never has been, in Information Technology.  It is interesting how I slipped into this sector of the business world and have never come out.  I am in human resources – thus the CHRP designation (Certified Human Resources Professional).  I also attended a virtual university – Corporate Coach International and earned my Corporate Coaching Certification (CCI) in 2000.    I was hired, many years ago, by a recruitment firm to start a ‘technology’ division for the firm.  Through my work with this particular firm, I was contacted by many IT companies or the IT division of a company, to help them find people to fill their open IT positions.  So, it was not too long after opening this technology division that I was labeled as the ‘go to’ person for IT people.  Along with this label, there was an assumption that I was an IT person.  Because of this assumption that was out there, panic set in and I realized I had better get some knowledge and some networking contacts in this area. Therefore, in 1986 I joined CIPS Edmonton and have been a member ever since.

I have been self-employed for the past 18 years and can attribute my tremendous success with the IT realm from my association with CIPS over the years.   I have met numerous contacts over the years that have become friends, business colleagues and clients.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

After I joined CIPS, I must admit I did not feel like I fit in ….. after all, I was human resources not a ‘techie’.  Because of this, I thought how do I get to know more people in this ‘community’ faster and my answer was –  start up a special interest group (SIG).  As my background was all in the soft skills side of training and education and CIPS was so technical my choice was for a ‘soft skills’ SIG which I called the OA SIG (Office Automation Special Interest Group).  I ran this group from 1987 to 1989 and was then asked to take on the membership portfolio.   In those days, it was an appointed position, not a voted in position.  I held this position from 1989 to 1991. Guess what?  This involvement worked as I quickly got to know many, many names and faces and I started to feel like I fit in and I was actually starting to like all these ‘techie’ types!

In 1991, I was asked if I would like to run for President and was voted in.  After I served my 2 year tenure, I stayed as a member for quite a few years and then in the Spring of 2002 I started up the HR SIG (Human Resources Special Interest Group) which I ran until 2006. 

I am still an active CIPS member and get involved with helping with the ICE Conference and other CIPS Edmonton initiatives whenever possible.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

My involvement with CIPS has afforded me the opportunity to meet numerous people from all walks of life.  Because I am self employed, I have been fortunate to be able to deal with some of these people on a professional basis as they have become clients over the years as well as friends.

I can honestly say that CIPS has provided me with my ‘technical’ education and with a wonderful network of people that I can lean on whenever I need technical advice or knowledge both professionally and personally.  It has been great to be involved with such dedicated individuals who have a very strong commitment to continuous learning.

I am honored to have been selected Volunteer of the Month – not really sure if I am deserving of this honor but I thank you and would like to say that I share this honor with many of my CIPS colleagues.


January 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Debbie Conrad, EMBA, I.S.P., ITCP/IP3P, CIM    

Registrar & Marketing Director, CIPS Ontario

 Membership Director, CIPS Executive Council  

About Debbie: 

What is your Background?

As a seasoned IT Professional and Business Consultant, my career began after graduating from Fanshawe College in the mid 70’s, with a diploma in Business Data Processing.   I was fortunate to be offered my first full time programming position after a Co-op with 3M Canada in London, where I later held the roles of Senior Analyst, Project Leader and IT Trainer.  After 15 years, I ventured out to start up a home based business with a focus on IT Training, Development and Leadership.  

Now with over 35 years of experience, my commitment to life-long learning, professionalism, and continuous change has allowed me the opportunity to work with large organizations, private and public education providers, municipal government, small to large businesses and volunteer organizations.

In addition to CIPS certifications as well as many others, I have continued my professional development and in 2011, completed an Executive MBA in Global Leadership, through the University of Fredericton.

While my current interests are quite varied, I look forward to building on my past experiences with opportunities to influence and guide strategic planning, governance, ethics, change management, cultural diversity and creative thinking while continuing to give back to our community.

My true passion in life is spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren.  There is no greater joy than traditional family feasts, baking, reading old classics and enjoying the fresh outdoors while I watch our future leaders grow.  My family is truly my inspiration and has always supported my volunteerism with CIPS. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

As a CIPS member since 1984, I have had the honour and the privilege of working with and learning from some of the most brilliant and amazing leaders across Canada.  While inspired very early in my career to get involved with volunteerism, I continue to help support CIPS at all levels.

Since joining CIPS, my roles have included being President of CIPS London (‘87-88); Regional Director South Western Ontario (‘89-94); as well as serving on various committees locally and nationally.

I currently serve as Provincial Registrar/Secretary and Marketing Director on the CIPS Ontario Board of Directors as well as Director of Membership on the Executive Council.

At a local level, I enjoy helping to plan events and act as a liaison with our partners in the interest of helping to strengthen the value of membership while providing professional opportunities. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

As a seasoned IT Professional, CIPS I.S.P., and grand-parented ITCP recipient, CIPS has enabled me to achieve a wealth of knowledge and experience through professional development and leadership opportunities.  In addition to an incredibly large and strong network of friends and colleagues, CIPS provides the opportunity to stay connected and continuously learn and grow in this ever changing world while giving back to our community.

I get great satisfaction in helping to make things happen and thoroughly enjoy working with people who contribute so freely of their time and energy, especially in challenging times.

It is truly an honour to be recognized as CIPS volunteer of the month and I sincerely thank all those who continue to provide leadership and support.   



November 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Ron Richard, I.S.P., ITCP/IP3P   

CIPS NL Board member

About Ron: 

What is your Background?

Started as a computer programmer and now I have about 30 years of experience. From writing computer programs at Dalhousie University when attending high school, and from working in the IT industry while involved in continual college, university and other education, I’ve now held positions at most any level, contributed to the development and improvement of best practices, and been involved in projects involving just about any type of IT expertise. There’s more information on LinkedIn, and I welcome connections for anyone who may like to view the full profile or have a chat.  


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

CIPS NS, CIPS National, CIPS NL… when the many related years are combined my involvement has included such things as organizing events and helping with others, chairing certification and other groups and holding various committee and board positions, delivering presentations and sharing ideas and thoughts in writing including through various sites, blogs and so on.  Anyway, while the majority of my involvement relates to CIPS NS, all of my CIPS involvement required the collaboration of others and so for anything I’ve been part of I give full credit and thanks to those who made things possible.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I hope my involvement has helped towards increasing positive awareness, consciousness, or energy in relation to the emergence of a formal global IT profession. CIPS has been in existence a long time, and progress continues to be made thanks to many. The positive updates around the IT industry in fact are great to see, and now more than ever there seems to be a real profession. There’s hope for a future that is bright, and ideally progress will continue and significant gains will be made in coming years on route to 2020 or what I like to call perfect vision leap year 2020. Grateful to have been selected volunteer of the month, I look forward to reading about the contributions of many more CIPS members as goals are identified and achieved for the profession and public. In any case, from various events attended, and from ongoing networking with fellow IT pros, I find membership in CIPS is of tremendous value; and considering the many in CIPS who are deserving of recognition, I am humbled to have been selected Volunteer of the Month. Thank you. I share this with all who have collaborated with me over the years. Thanks again to each person.


October 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Jeff Knechtel, I.S.P., ITCP   

Past President, CIPS Toronto

Director, CIPS Ontario

About Jeff: 

What is your Background?

- My undergraduate degree is from the University of Guelph with an unusual specialization combination of Computer Information Science and Drama.

- More recently I took advantage of the Bursary available to CIPS members and received an Executive MBA from the University of Fredericton (which I recommend very highly).

- Over the past two years I've been learning Spanish as a second language (what did people do before immersion lessons with unilingual professors via Skype?) and have been keeping busy raising two young children.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

- I've been on the Toronto board of directors for the past 8 years, and more recently the Ontario board. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

- I've recieved my I.S.P. and ITCP though CIPS, and I wouldn't have an MBA if it weren't for CIPS.  However, it's through volunteering that I've received the most value.

- There's certainly value if you meet someone at an event, but a casual meeting isn't a substitute for the trust that can be built when you work alongside other people in a volunteer capacity.  Through volunteer work, you not only get to know people, but you get to build a level of trust with them that can truly enrich your life.


September 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month: 

Ken Metcalfe, I.S.P., ITCP, CCP   

Director I.T., Privacy Officer 

The Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance Co.

About Ken: 

What is your Background?

Anybody looking for old Byte magazines?  I believe I still have a couple of 8Kx1 memory chips from my socketed Z80 motherboard!  When looking back Computer Science at university had been largely languages, numerical analysis and just beginning to branch out as a department in its own right.  Moore’s Law was evident with computers rapidly escaping the glassed-in, raised floors of the mainframe world.  ARPnet was all the buzz, promising to connect networks of computers and the university’s PDP 8 to the “world”.

Employed with Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance since 1978, I began at the bottom and at the top at the same time as I was their first “computer’ guy. After stabilizing the IBM System 3 card system, the company ‘computer’ department has transitioned over the years from a “necessary evil” into an integral business component.  

What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

My first involvement with CIPS began with their national conferences.  In 1987 CIPS became a permanent component of my career and I obtained my I.S.P. in 1992.  Working with the CIPS Winnipeg section in various board positions, I became the Manitoba Region Director on the CIPS National Board, ultimately holding executive board positions of both Treasurer and Secretary.  I participated during the formation of the provincial CIPS structure and have held executive board positions in CIPS Manitoba and continue as a working board member.  At CIPS National I have remained a member of the Finance Committee.

Over the past 10 years I have been your national representative to the Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP), which provides knowledge assessment towards the I.S.P. and ongoing recertification credits. I currently hold the executive board position of vice president.

What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

Active involvement in CIPS has been the key to my professional growth.  I could not have led the company I.T. transition without my constant and active participation in CIPS.  Understanding and maintaining a professional I.T. focus has been both a rudder and engine driving my career.  While business focuses on business, CIPS members have provided key support and insight, keeping me on the path of an I.T. professional.


August 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Cheryl Lundrigan, B Sc., I.S.P., ITCP, PMP   

CIPS NL Past-President and current Vice-President

About Cheryl: 

What is your Background?

In 1986 I graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. During my student years, Information Technology was just taking off with very few people owning a computer. We all used typewriters for writing our Term Papers and a Commodore 64 was the hot commodity if you could afford one.  Portable Computers wouldn’t be available until a few years to come and even when it did arrive; it was called a luggable computer. This was just a glimmer of what would come 30 years later with today’s Ultrabooks and iPads being top of the list for back to school must haves.  Anyone graduating from IT today should wonder where our industry will be in another 30 years, 2042 will be futuristic looking for sure.

My roles within IT swayed from Computer Support, System Networking and Administration, IT Service Delivery, Change and Configuration and now into Project Management. I’ve been employed by engineering companies for most of my career, working on large scale projects such as the Frigate Program and Oil projects Hibernia, Terra Nova and White Rose.  I moved from project work for 7 years to deliver IT Service Management in a global environment feeding my travel impulses. In between, I had the opportunity to work for the RCMP on the local Provincial LAN rollout which included implementation of Laptops for the patrol cars.

The last few years, I‘ve moved into Project Management in the IT Health Care Sector. Traditionally, Health Care has been mostly a paper based practice, but along with every other industry out there, it is transforming into a fully electronic digital world, allowing patients from coast to coast to obtain better health care by improving access to technology and information. 

What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

It was in the early ‘90s that I first heard of CIPS. It took me a long time to figure out it was not pronounced sips but was with a “K”. Of course then I called it chips for awhile, but eventually I got it right. Each year a notice would go around to the engineering companies looking for women who were in the IT field to speak at an annual CIPS’ sponsored Women in IT (WIT) conference. Back then, few women were in IT and so this program was timely and beneficial.

Fast forward 20 years and I am the Past-President of CIPS NL, have been on the CIPSNL Board of Directors since 2008, and on the WIT Committee looking for more women to speak at the conference. During my year as President, we expanded the WIT Conference outside St. John’s and held a satellite conference in Corner Brook.  Next year we are hoping to go north and bring it into Labrador.  The local CIPS chapter also represents Nunavut, although we are not sure if we’ll make it that far but it is on the radar. The conference is still aimed at Grade Nine girls to expand their knowledge of what IT is about and encourage them to consider a career path in Information Technology. The significance now though is that IT is everywhere, and in every field making it much more attainable. 

What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I bring enthusiasm to our small membership, always looking for interesting speakers to present to our CIPSNL members. We have held many luncheons that I have arranged, from RCMP Computer Forensics to Organizational Change Management within the IT Health Care sector. One of our events drew 80 people which, in proportion to our 20 odd membership, is quite a turn out.

As my role on the WIT Committee, I pushed to expand the WIT conference outside the capital city. I believe we need to include more Rural schools where it is very beneficial because they do not have as much opportunity to attend these type of events which are normally offered in cities. This year we expect to start a Youth in IT seminar/workshop of some sort and work with the High School Students. We may partner with the local Newfoundland Association of Technology Industries in a joint event.

The Networking opportunities, great Speakers and focus on professionalism are all key reasons I am involved with CIPS. CIPS’ I.S.P. and ITCP certifications provides an assurance for recruiters to know the candidate already comes “Pre-qualified” to a certain extent.


July 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Dean Hartley, I.S.P., ITCP  

Vice President, IT, Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority

About Dean: 

What is your Background?

I became interested in computers when I was in grade ten and the math instructor brought in a RadioShack TSR-80.  Shortly after I convinced my Dad to buy an Apple II computer for his business, and I self taught myself computer programming.  I developed a piece of software for my Dad’s company to print exhibitor nametags at tradeshows.

I enrolled in the Computer Systems: Operations and Management (CSOM) program at Cariboo College (now Thomson Rivers University).  The program was put together by Jack and Brenda Mathews, both with an IT consulting background.  I graduated in 1987 and in 1990 the CSOM program was accredited by CIPS.   Jack and Brenda built an excellent program and today it continues to develop well prepared IT professionals geared towards business.

I began my career as a programmer at the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC).  I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work in many different roles to develop a broad understanding of IT.   After many technical roles I began leading projects and eventually worked my way into various management roles.   BCLC is a very innovative company and a leader in the gaming (lottery, casino, bingo) industry.

For the last four years I have been working in the role of Vice President at the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority in Saskatoon.  I’m responsible for the IT strategy and the delivery of IT projects and services to the organization.  We have over 1,800 employees working in our six casinos.  

What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

Jack & Brenda Mathews were big supporters of CIPS and encouraged all the CSOM students to become members.  For a short period of time I was on the CIPS Kamloops Board, responsible for the monthly newsletter to members.

Since moving to Saskatoon, I have been very involved with CIPS Saskatchewan serving in the roles of Director-at-large, primarily in programs delivery, and then in the roles of Vice President, President, Past-President, and Treasurer.  Just recently I was nominated to the CIPS National Board.  I obtained my I.S.P. designation in 2008.   

What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

For me the I.S.P. designation means I’m part of large group of trusted IT professionals who stand for a body of knowledge, a code of ethics and a commitment to continuous learning. 

Being involved with the CIPS Saskatchewan Board has allowed me to further develop many skills and work with an excellent group of volunteers.  It has been very rewarding to be part of a team that has advanced CIPS Saskatchewan over the last few years.  Getting to know other IT professionals from a diverse group of industries has been exciting.

June 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Deborah Harrop, I.S.P., ITCP, CISSP, CBCP, CISM

Senior Manager, IT Service Delivery, Workers’ Compensation Board Alberta 

About Deborah: 

What is your Background?

I had an early mid life crisis. I went back to school in my thirties to take a diploma program in Computing Systems Technology at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).  While it was a two year program if you went full days, I was working full time and, as a result, spent  5 ½ years at night school.  It was a lot of fun and a great deal of work, but ultimately very rewarding.

I started my IT Career with Canadian Utilities as a mainframe Help Desk Analyst while I continued with my studies at NAIT.  Night shifts and carrying a pager provided great experience in time and crisis management.  I moved on to develop a real love for Disaster Recovery Planning and IT Security as I lead those teams with the same company, rebranded as ATCO I-tek.  After 10 years an opportunity came to my attention at WCB where I have spent 12 years in a variety of areas including IT Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning.  I spent a few years managing the teams responsible for Infrastructure and Operations and most recently I’m leading the teams responsible for IT Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, Help Desk and Desktop Support, Enterprise Architecture and IT Finance and Contracting.  The most fun I have though is in leading the groups that provide governance over our outsourced Application Development and Maintenance, helping to ensure that WCB Alberta is investing in the best tools and applications to meet our business objectives.

In my spare time in the summer I indulge in my love of gardening.  Peter, my husband, and I have an award winning garden that has been featured in several magazines and on a number of fund raising tours for charities and not-for-profit organizations such as Alberta Ballet, local libraries and women’s shelters.  Peter deals with the hardscaping, music systems and lighting while I take care of the plants.  We both enjoy sitting in the gazebo with a glass of wine when the work is done!  I spend the winter months enjoying my other love – painting.  I dabble in oils, acrylics and most recently using pencil crayons.  I think I’m returning to my childhood – anyone else recall colouring in maps of Canada with pencil crayons?

What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I have had the privilege of working with great volunteers with CIPS in a number of capacities.  I served on the local Board in Edmonton for a number of years and helped to chair the program committee for the National Conference.  The friendships I developed there have lasted for many years. The past 12 years I have been involved with the Edmonton CIPS Women in IT Conference committee.  We organize and host an annual conference at the University of Alberta for 350 Grade nine female students to help them understand what a wonderful, rewarding career IT can be.  It is so gratifying to hear them adopt our messages that IT Careers are not just for geeks and that girls can be very successful in IT.

What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

The connections I have made through CIPS have helped me move forward in my career and provided me with amazing opportunities to work with motivated, passionate and dedicated IT professionals.  The experience I gained through my work with CIPS has lead to new job opportunities, the ability to participate in marketing CIPS and the IT Industry, and to give back to both the industry and to the community.

May 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Jason Janes, I.S.P., ITCP, PMP, MCTIP

Past President, CIPS Newfoundland and Labrador

About Jason: 

What is your Background?

I am a self proclaimed technology geek having been introduced to programming as a teen in the early 1980s using a Commodore Vic-20.  Soon after, I was employed by Radio Shack and continued working there through college where I completed a Business and Computer Studies diploma at Fisher Institute (College of the North Atlantic).

During those early years, my entrepreneurial spirit also began to shine when I started my first business during high school and then worked as an IT consultant shortly after college. This entrepreneurial spirit still exists today with my involvement in StartUpNL ( I then worked in many IT roles from Development and Project Manager to Chief Technical Officer for a range of businesses servicing very diverse industries from mining, heavy construction, and road building to food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods. I'm currently focused on delivering solutions built on Microsoft technologies like SharePoint utilizing mobile and social features.   

In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors. I joined the Scouting movement as a youth and continued as a Scout leader teaching camping and canoeing safety. Now my wife and I enjoy travelling and we have explored much of Canada, United States, Europe, and the Caribbean but we always love to come home to Newfoundland and Labrador and spend quality time with our Golden Retriever, Maddie.  

What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

In 2008 after returning home to Newfoundland and Labrador, I wanted to become reacquainted with the IT industry here so I began the search for a like-minded group of technology professionals. I very quickly found the CIPS NL group and joined them for a lunch and learn session. I liked what I saw and decided to volunteer. In a very short time, I earned the respect of the group and was nominated to the position of Vice President and during the 2009 AGM, I became President. I held that position for 2 years and I am currently the past president.

My goal is to raise awareness for the importance of professionalism in the IT industry. Each and every day, I meet with individuals and organizations that either provide or consume IT services and reinforce the importance of professionalism in their organizations. It sometimes feels like an up hill battle but it is definitely a worthwhile effort.

What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

The CIPS organization and professional designation has been invaluable to me. I consider professional designations to be the differentiator when comparing resumes of individuals with similar skills and experience. If an individual is willing to invest in obtaining and maintaining a professional designation, it demonstrates their commitment to the profession and technology. Setting a goal to maintain my designations ensures that I stay up to date on existing and evolving technologies and management concepts.

April 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Lem Murphy, I.S.P., ITCP 

Regional Director, CIPS Nova Scotia 
 CIPS Nova Scotia Rep, CIPS National Board 
Database Administrator, CAE

About Lem: 

What is your Background?

I didn’t touch my first computer until I was in high school, and in 1978 that was the TRS-80 Model 1 Level II with an extravagant 32Kb of memory, a cassette recorder to save programs and a choice of BASIC or Assembler.  I haven’t been far from computers since.

Military College brought many shocks, not the least of which was in programming in FORTRAN on a DEC PDP-11 using punch cards.  I finished my Bachelor of Science at Mount Saint Vincent University where in addition to my studies, I worked as a Student Computer Operator and as a Computer Lab Assistant (DEC VAX 780’s and Terminals).  

I have worked in the defence industry ever since I graduated; it hasn’t all been at the same company and many times when the business card changed I was still sitting at the same desk doing the same job as always. The positions have changed from developer to System Administrator and Database Administrator, while the challenges have changed from solving programming problems, to bigger problems like leading a small team to complete Y2K changes and the more bewildering challenge of standing in a datacenter blackened by fire and working to have it operational within 24 hours of the flames being extinguished.

What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I joined CIPS in 1994 but for the first few years my involvement was limited to attending events and networking.  Then in 1998 I started thinking about applying for the I.S.P., so in 1999 I started studying for the ICCP exams, which I finally wrote in early 2000.

In 2001 Andrew Morrisey recruited me as the Treasurer of CIPS Nova Scotia during the last push of the Legislation project.  Then in 2003 with the I.S.P. Legislation passed and Proclaimed, I slipped back into being a member.  But then in 2006, I was recruited to be the Vice-President of CIPS NS, which led me to be part of the Informatics 2007 team in Halifax.  As I changed role from President to Past-President, I also found myself as the CIPS NS representative on the CIPS CCITP / National Board, which  I continue to serve on today.

What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

Well, it’s safe to say that my current employment is a direct result of networking at one CIPS event in Halifax.  In addition to the obvious benefits of networking, serving on the Provincial and National Boards has provided me with opportunities to meet, work with, and learn from other professionals which I otherwise would have missed.  

I am a firm believer of certification as a demonstration of professionalism and competency and have worked hard to attain my credentials to show my personal commitment in a rapidly changing and expanding industry. 

CIPS with its Code of Ethics, the commitment to continuing education and its professional certifications is a comfortable fit. 

March 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Pat Gaudet, ABCP,  I.S.P. (ret.)
CIPS Golden Horseshoe, Executive Member - Meeting Coordinator
Gaudet & Associates, Consultants - Advisor / Consultant

About Pat:

What is your background?

At the time when I started my career at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) there was relatively little formal education offered in Information Technology careers and the demand was high. I was fortunately able to learn on the job through self study and classroom courses. I supplemented that education with attendance at conferences and local events hosted by industry leaders and external education and networking associations.

I am very grateful for the valuable assistance from supervisors and work and other colleagues who mentored me at different times in my career.

I spent my whole IT-specific career in the Systems department at RBC, with a variety of types of positions from programmer through to program manager. I was fortunate enough to gain early valuable experience by developing, installing and maintaining banking systems in a number of international sites. Other interesting experiences included managing the project for an internal IT conference for business and IT managers and staff, and participating in a newly-established function providing internal consulting to IT and to business units. Then came Y2K - I coordinated the EUC/MIS preparation for Y2K and then the IT unit’s Y2K contingency plans, after which I managed the unit’s business continuity process for the department for a five years.

After finishing my career with RBC I established myself as an independent consultant specializing in business continuity management and have been enjoying the exposure to different types of businesses.

What type of involvement have you had with CIPS?

I became active in CIPS Toronto about 20 years ago when I helped establish a special interest group (SIG) focusing on end user computing / management information systems. I also co-founded CIPS Toronto’s Y2K and Business Continuity Management (BCM) SIGs.

I became a member of the CIPS Toronto Board in 2000-2007 with early responsibilities tied to media relations and publishing the CIPS Toronto magazine. I was President of CIPS Toronto 2001-2003, spent three years 2004-2007 on the CIPS National Board and four additional years on the Finance Committee. In 2007 I joined the CIPS Golden Horseshoe Board where I still serve today.

I received my I.S.P. designation in 2002 (currently inactive status due to shift of work focus).

What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

My involvement with CIPS has been a very good investment. Through participation in meetings, conferences and volunteer leadership activities, I have benefited from exposure to many aspects of technology and business and management that would not have been possible if I had not looked outside my own work environment.

My CIPS colleagues have been great sources of information about the industry and about management practices. Many of them have become longer term friends through shared goals and experiences. Similarly, working with my CIPS colleagues has provided value back to my employer, as my gained knowledge and skills are applied in the work environment.

I strongly believe that you get back what you give. Over my career I have been active in many different types of volunteer organizations including Junior Chamber (Jaycees), Junior Achievement, school and police advisory boards, ASM (Association for Systems Management) and, currently, the Canadian Red Cross, and throughout, that rule has held for me. 

February 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Shane M Ridgway, I.S.P.
CIPS Saskatchewan President

About Shane:

What is your background?

I took my post-sec education at SIAST, Completing the Business Certificate Program & Computer Information System Diploma with cooperative education designation.

I am currently a Technical Analyst in the IT Infrastructure Operations & Support area, where I support SaskTel internal and external services. I have been with SaskTel since 2004.

While completing my Computer Information System (CIS) diploma and Certificate in Business Administration, I have started my IT career at the Moosomin School Division No. 9 where I provided Computer Systems and Server Support to the schools within the division. I then moved to Moosomin Team New Holland where I was the Technology Department Manager, providing training to Team members, planned, implemented and documented their Windows / UNIX network.  

After completing my CIS diploma at SIAST, I had the privilege of working with the Saskatchewan Department of Learning to complete and redesign their Department website. During that time I gained valuable project experience while working with others from various Learning Branches and Units. I then moved to the SaskTel Internet Support Centre where I have gained knowledge of the queue environments, supported services portfolio, and the scope of support provided. From the IPSC I moved to the Server Operation Centre @ SaskTel where I have gained knowledge of SaskTel’s operations. After working in the SOC I accepted a position in IT Infrastructure Operations & Support as a Technical Analyst. Through my current and past endeavors, I have broadened my existing skills which I will continue to bring to the industry.

I enjoy traveling, scuba diving, downhill and cross-country skiing.


What type of involvement have you had with CIPS?

I am currently serving on the CIPS Saskatchewan Board of Directors as the President. Since CIPS hosted an information session at SIAST in 2001-2002 I had an interest in what CIPS had to offer. I have been involved with CIPS Saskatchewan since 2009 as a member at large. I helped in various ways such as managing their website.

I received my I.S.P. designation on March 2010, and joined the CIPS Saskatchewan Board as the Programs Director for South SK (Regina & Area). In the Q3 2011 I became the Acting President and President in Q4 2011, and am currently holding this office.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

Throughout my journey in IT, CIPS has encouraged and provided avenues to grow as an IT professional though networking, the ISP certification, accreditation of IT programs, professional development, and leadership skills. I feel that non-profits like CIPS bring like-minded people together in the field of IT. CIPS takes a practical approach to promote professional standards and asks it members to adhere to a Code of Ethics. The right of title in the IT industry sets us apart and promotes a pathway for the members to be the best they can be, therefore improving quality of life and setting a foundational corner stone in the IT industry. CIPS encourages a commitment to my profession, provides me with pride in being a member and I.S.P. holder.  Working with IT professionals, academics, CIPS Saskatchewan Board, and practitioners to make a difference in the face of IT gives me personal value, and  I am indeed grateful. 


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