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Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons Why Companies Hire I.S.P. holders:


  1. Rigorous designation criteria ensures I.S.P.-designated professionals will be superior contributors to an organization's bottom-line.
  2. Customers are assured of high-quality information systems being used to develop and support products and services.
  3. The perception of an organization is enhanced internationally through broad recognition of the I.S.P.
  4. Three hundred hours of professional training completed every three years by each I.S.P., ensures an organization is applying the best of current practices.
  5. Access to the educational resources and networking opportunities provided by CIPS, keeps contractors and staff current and informed.
  6. More than 1,700-plus I.S.P. holders across Canada
  7. National nature of the designation provides consistency of standards, easy transferability, and cost efficiencies.
  8. As a government-registered professional designation for information systems professionals, the I.S.P. provides a unique competitive advantage for organizations when bidding internationally.
  9. Effective self regulation of the profession provides confidence to customers and the general public while avoiding the burden of regulation.
  10. Supporting staff to receive and maintain the I.S.P., reflects an organization's appreciation that its staff are professionals.

CIPS Corporate Partners

The following organizations support CIPS' commitment to professionalism, ethics, and high standards for the I.T. professionCIPS thanks all its partners for their contribution. Become a CIPS Corporate Partner Today! - Send an email to

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