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The New Cyber Attack Strategy You Need to be Aware of


Cyber attacks don’t need to look highly sophisticated anymore. In fact, hackers are purposely making them innocuous so that unsuspecting users will click without much immediate repercussion. This is a dangerous new way businesses and governments are being targeted, and security professionals are encouraging Canadians to educate themselves. Attackers are deploying targeted hacks, known as advanced persistent threats, which often remain undetected in a network and by the user to steal information. These threats also sometimes target specific people based on their job roles and responsibilities.

Tiffany Jones, Director of Public Sector Strategy and Programs for Symantec is presenting at this year’s Privacy and Information Security Congress 2011 in Ottawa taking place between November 28th and 29th.

Her presentation is called:  “Know Your Enemy:  Understanding the Threat Landscape, Challenges, and Best Practices”. Find out how Cybercriminals have forced security companies to rethink their policies and technologies in order to better combat threats.

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