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Security — Are you equipped and up to date?


Hi, I’m Rick Claus, Senior Technical Evangelist with Microsoft Canada.  I was floored a couple of years ago by statements from Technical Professionals who weren’t working Microsoft Updates into their maintenance plans on a regular basis. When asked why — they mentioned it was on their radar to get done, but it was too difficult to understand which updates applied to them.  As a result I created the monthly “Security Bulletins by the Regular IT Guy” podcast to simplify details about Update Tuesday.

This got me thinking. There are a number of additional FREE resources you should investigate and include in your routine. Windows Update Services is something I recommend for businesses of all sizes to help control the rollout of updates in their organizations. I keep abreast of issues by visiting the Microsoft Security Response Center team and their Blog on a regular basis.  My free Anti-Malware software of choice for consumers and small businesses is Microsoft Security Essentials.  If you develop code, you might want to learn more about our Secure Development Lifecycle process.

We’ve come a long way since the email Bill Gates sent to all employees back in 2002 about Trustworthy Computing. Even other players in the security space are starting to come around with their opinions on our latest technologies.  Are you ready to start deploying these up to date operating systems? Our one stop shop for resources is our Springboard Series site.

Feel free to connect with me to continue the conversation.

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