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Definition of a Professional

  "There is an exceptionally large discrepancy between best practice and common practice in IT."

David Booth, I.S.P., ITCP



"Effectively managed people assets have the potential to increase shareholder value by 30%."

Aberdeen Group   


The analysts studying the effectiveness of IT investments have been declaring from year to year, that most IT projects are still failing at an alarming high rate. When analyzed, the root causes of these problems can be traced back to different factors, the key factors being: a lack of the knowledge, skills and competency to perform and the integrity of IT practitioners.


CIPS Definition of an IT Professional


            An IT Professional is someone who has:

  • A demonstrated mastery of an appropriate portion of the CIPS Body of Knowledge
  • Commitment to abide by the CIPS Code of Ethics.
  • Commitment to follow the CIPS Risk Management Guidelines.
  • Autonomy, responsibility and authority and works under broad direction.
  • Demonstrated a complexity of work and performs work that requires the application of a significant range of fundamental principles in a variety of contexts.
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