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System Admin Day - IT Pro of the year


To celebrate Systems Administrator Appreciation Day—which falls on July 29, 2011, this year—Windows IT Pro, Cloud IT Pro, SharePoint Pro, and Business Technology are sponsoring a contest for readers to submit (and vote on) the best IT pro of the year. The winner will be announced on July 29.


They’re looking for your most creative, ingenuous IT success stories. If you or someone you know has applied a particularly interesting solution to an IT problem, be sure to nominate it! IT pros submit up to a 500-word essay describing why they (or the person they’re nominating) should be considered IT Pro of the Year.


All entries will be judged using the following factors:

  • Creativity: Did the IT pro use an especially creative or ingenious way to solve his/her IT issue?
  • Cost-savings: Using third-party products and services is acceptable, but entries that essentially say “I had a problem and purchasing product X saved it” are discouraged. 
  • Best use of available and emerging technology: Using available products and tools to solve the problem is a big plus, as is adopting new solutions that have operational and cost-saving benefits. 
  • Business value: The best IT solutions are ones that also advance the broader goals of the company or organization the IT pro is employed by. Solutions that increased operational efficiency *and* saved the company money are encouraged.


An online form to process submissions will be posted on Wednesday, June 1, and will remain open for submissions until Wednesday, June 30. Editors from Windows IT Pro, Cloud IT Pro, SharePoint Pro, and Business Technology will review the applications and select 10 finalists. These finalists will be posted online on Friday, July 8, and site visitors cans then vote on which systems administrator should be selected as Systems Administrator of the Year.



Prizes are to be determined, but start writing up your entry now!







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