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ITCP Established Academic Route

ITCP applicants must meet these entry criteria

The Established Academic entry route is designed to facilitate the application and review process for individuals who have a level of professional competence above the minimum required of those applying under the post-secondary education plus experience entry routes. The review and assessment methodology is based on a defined career path.

Note: Successful completion of the CIPS Ethics Exam is now required for applicants who have not graduated from a CIPS accredited programFirst complete the exam, print off your certificate and attach it to your completed application.


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This application route is available to professionals who:

  • has a full-time academic position in a Computer Science (CS), Software Engineering (SE) Information Systems (IS) (or equivalent) department at a recognized University (or equivalent);
  • holds the rank of Associate Professor or higher, or is eligible to hold this rank;
  • is established in her/his field, both as a teacher and as a researcher, and who will have contributed some service to her/his discipline and or profession.

The applicant must have:

  • a full-time faculty position in a CS, SE or IS department (or in a closely related discipline) in a recognized University for a minimum period of five (5) years;
  • a Ph.D., or equivalent doctoral degree, in CS, SE or IS (or equivalent), in which they were required to write and successfully defend a doctoral level thesis. Normally, this doctoral degree will have been obtained at least five (5) years before an application under this route may be made;
  • taught undergraduate CS, SE or IS (or equivalent) courses for five (5) years minimum at a recognized University CS or IS department (or closely related discipline), in at least 3 areas. The word "areas" includes both subject areas and also pedagogical areas, such as "introductory computer science",
  • taught graduate level or senior (final year) undergraduate level CS, SE or IS (or closely related discipline) courses for at least two (2) years at a recognized university CS, SE or IS department (or equivalent).
  • supervised to successful completion the project or thesis work of at least two students. These two students must be senior level undergraduate students (such as summer NSERC - or equivalent - students, or students undertaking final year capstone projects etc.) or graduate students undertaking a thesis oriented Master's or PhD degree. Supervision of one undergraduate and one PhD/Masters candidate qualifies.
  • published at least four scholarly articles in refereed journals and/or refereed conferences;
  • obtained funding for her/his research project(s) from (a) source(s) outside her/his department;
  • utilized her/his expertise in taking an active role in the administrative/service work of her/his department, university and/or profession.




[1] The experience has to be recent and attained within the last 36 months preceding this application.

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