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ITCP - IT Industry Leader Route

ITCP applicants must meet these entry criteria

The Information Technology (IT) Industry Leader entry route is designed to facilitate the application and review process for individuals who have a level of professional competence above the minimum required of those applying under the post-secondary education plus experience entry routes. The review and assessment methodology is based on a defined career path.

The IT Industry Leader entry route is directed specifically for senior IT professionals who hold a non-IT university degree, but possess the required experience to practice in the field. Individuals who are interested in this entry route must have a level of professional competence above the minimum requirements and hold a senior executive level position in a large firm. Applicants who have an IT relevant college or university education should apply under the Education Plus Experience route.

Note: Successful completion of the CIPS Ethics Exam is now required for applicants who have not graduated from a CIPS accredited programFirst complete the exam, print off your certificate and attach it to your completed application.

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The Information Technology (IT) Industry Leader application route is available to professionals who:

  • already have an established career in IT (generally not less than 12 years);
  • are responsible for IT strategies, resources, and operations at the organizational level; and


Overall Education and Experience Criteria

The ITCP applicant must:

  1. hold a senior executive position (e.g. Chief Information Officer - CIO, Chief Technology Officer - CTO), or similar in a large firm. The complexity and size of the organization will be taken into account; 
  2. have an undergraduate or advanced degree (non IT related); or
  3. hold a professional designation in a discipline that relates to their responsibilities. Professional designations must be granted under legislation enacted by a jurisdiction that has power over the regulation of professions and professional bodies (i.e. the I.S.P. designation is granted under legislation enacted by provincial governments that are empowered through the Constitution Act, 1867).

Experience Criteria

The ITCP applicant must have proven management achievement over a period of not less than four (4) years in:

  • a senior management position such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), General Manager (GM), CEO or CTO; or
  • other senior IT manager/director position who delegates authority to several IT professionals or managers each of whom hold positions of work that would normally require professional IT qualifications.

An important factor in assessing a job position against this experience criteria is whether or not the person delegates authority to other IT professionals or managers who themselves are responsible for planning, organization, decision-making, staffing and control of the IT activities of the organization. The complexity and size of the position, as well as the complexity and size of the organization, are taken into account.

Essential characteristics of individuals in these positions:

  • defined responsibility and authority for decision-making or an advisory function by having a direct bearing on the IT work of an undertaking or major function. In carrying out these responsibilities, recognizes and ensures that all appropriate actions are taken with respect to any safety-related applications within scope. It is expected that the cost of error in making decisions or giving advice would have a serious detrimental affect on the profitability or operating efficiency of the undertaking or function;
  • a technical background of sufficient depth and width to be able to recognize and successfully exploit opportunities for effective development or usage of IT, and lead and guide fully experienced technical specialists and/or reporting managers;
  • demonstrated high level of presentational skills applicable to all audiences; and
  • plays a major part in formulating it strategy and policy across employer's undertaking or significant organizational unit.


[1] The experience has to be recent and attained within the last 36 months preceding this application.

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