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ITCP Education Plus Experience Route

Note: Successful completion of the CIPS Ethics Exam is now required for applicants who have not graduated from a CIPS accredited program. First complete the exam, print off your certificate and attach it to your completed application.

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ITCP applicants must meet these entry criteria:

This entry route for the ITCP designation applies to individuals who have completed an Information Technology (IT) post-secondary education and have accumulated a certain number of years of ITCP relevant professional experience.  The years of required experience depends on the type of educational background the applicant has. CIPS will recognize relevant education completed at a CIPS accredited or CIPS non-accredited program.

Education Plus Experience Route



Minimum years of Professional Experience at SFIA Level 4


  • Demonstrated understanding of how I.T. fits within the organization model; and  
  • Two years of recent demonstrated capability to operate at SFIA Level 5 (or equivalent) or above; and   
  • Two years of recent demonstrated competence at SFIA Level 5 in one or more areas I.T. specialization
Accredited 4-year University (C.Sc. or S.E.)


Accredited 4-year University (Interdisciplinary Programs)


Accredited 3-year University


Non-accredited 4-year University Degree (Computer Science, Software Engineering, M.I.S.)


Non-accredited 3 year University Degree (Computer Science, Software Engineering, M.I.S.)


Accredited 3-year College/Technical Program


Accredited 2-year College/Technical Program


Non-accredited 3-year Public/Private College/Technical Program


Non-accredited 2-year College/Technical Program


Accredited one-year post-graduate I.T. program


ICCP Examinations Leading to CCP (or equivalent)


British Computer Society (BCS) Diploma Level Exams


British Computer Society (BCS) Professional Graduate Level Exams


CIPS Accredited programs refer to university programs and college programs that have received official endorsement from the relevant CIPS Accreditation Council given to the listed programs for limited periods of time. Educational transcripts must confirm that the graduation date falls within the period that the institution was accredited by CIPS.

Non-Accredited programs include all other university and college programs with a computing focus and content similar to accredited programs. For example, a B.A., B. Comm, or General B.Sc may NOT qualify in this category because they usually contain too few computing topics. Typically, a university B.C.S., B.Sc. in Computer Science or B.Math in Computer Science with approximately 40% computing content over 4 years would qualify. Similarly, non-accredited college/technical information systems programs with approximately 70% computing content over 2 years would qualify.

CIPS does not review program transcripts from private educational institutions unless the program has been accredited by CIPS or meets the guidelines as outlined under Non-accredited Three-year College/Technical Program in the criteria as listed below.

Applicants with overseas education

Individuals who completed their education at an educational institution outside North America must have their educational transcripts officially translated (if the transcript is in a language other than English or French) and must submit a course-by-course analysis and a statement of equivalency from a recognized Canadian academic credential assessment service.

Foreign applicants looking to use the ITCP designation to aid their entry into Canada should review the information available via the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials.


[1] The experience has to be recent and attained within the last 36 months preceding this application.

CIPS Corporate Partners

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