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Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) Releases Special Edition of the Journal of Digital Practices


Founded in April 1960, the Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ), has been a leading authority in technical areas of information processing and computer science for professionals and students. Through its authoritative publications, conferences, and other activities, the IPSJ plays a critical role in the Japanese IT community.

IPSJ started publishing the Journal of Digital Practices in 2010 with the aim to share knowledge and skills obtained from the experience of practical work among IT practitioners. The IT professional committee of IPSJ developed a special edition of the Journal of Digital Practices with a topic "Qualification for high-level IT professionals". This special edition is intended to be a driver to improve the social recognition and raise the social standing of IT professionals in Japan with the following topics:

·         activities on the qualification outside Japan

·         the certification program of IPSJ (currently under development)

·         present qualifications at Japanese companies

·         certification program of IPSJ

As the first IP3 ( accredited societies, CIPS and the Australian Computer Society were invited to write a paper on their respective professional standards programs. IP3 was also asked to submit a paper on its program. 

CIPS Paper

ACS Paper

IP3 Paper


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