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ICT Jobless Rate in 2011 Q3 the Lowest In Over Three Years

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The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is Canada’s leading authority in ICT human resource trends and issues. ICTC’s Quarterly Monitors provide a snapshot of the Canadian ICT workforce by comparing past and current labour market trends.  This monitor uses the latest Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey (LFS) data to highlight key changes and emerging trends in the sector.


  • Total ICT labour force in Q3: 698,000
  • Number of additional women joining the ICT labour force this quarter: 6,700
  • Number of unemployed workers: 17,000
  • Jobless rate among ICT workers was the lowest in fourteen quarters: 2.6%
  • The hottest job, with all available workers employed and zero unemployment, was Database Administrators: 27,800
  • Highest jobless rate was among Web Technicians: 14%
  • Highest new jobs was created for Electrical and Electronics Engineers: 5,200
  • Employment growth was the highest for Web Design Developers: 82%
  • User Support Technicians lost jobs the most: 5,500
  • Negative employment growth was the highest for E-Commerce Managers: 62%
  • Strongest quarterly labour force growth in the Information & Cultural sector: 7%
  • Labour force declined in the Professional, scientific & technical services sector: 2%
  • ICT labour force grew in: Quebec
  • ICT labour force declined in: The Prairies
  • ICT labour force remained unchanged in: Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and British Columbia

You can find the complete report at the following URL:

Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is the only national organization in Canada leading talent capacity research, policy and program development for the digital economy.

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