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ICCP Prep for I.S.P. Boot Camp
Sat, 10/27/2012
Event Location: 



Online I.S.P. Boot Camp 


Web Conference 

Start Time

10/27/2012 10:00 AM 

End Time

10/27/2012 4:00 PM 

Study with a live tutor online to take the ICCP Examinations. Three to four examinations will be covered over a six hour period. You will then have 30 days after the end of the course to take the first exam; 60 days to take the second exam and 90 days to take the third exam on a “pay-if-you-pass” basis for the attendees to this course. A proctor fee of $25 will be charged per exam for remote proctoring (web conference).

The course will cover the following examinations:

1. Information Systems CORE/Foundation Examination 

2. Systems and Application Development 

3. IS/IT Management

Other examinations, such as Microcomputers and Networks or Data Communications and Internetworking or Systems Security may be requested by individuals registering for the online course will be added as demand dictates.

The course is run as a structured course with presentations, joint deliberations of the correct answers and why choices are incorrect. Question answering strategies are covered in detail.

Question and answer sessions throughout the online portion allow for customization to attendees needs and coverage of specialty examinations.

This is an “examcram” therefore do not expect to learn about IT/IS subjects for the first time, your work experience and education are important preparations for these examinations - the instructor will cover as wide a swath as possible in the subject areas given the short duration of the training. It is possible for example in each question to cover four to five concepts related to IS/IT and therefore with 25 - 30 questions reinforce and rediscover your known concepts and knowledge of some 100 plus areas within a given examination.

Fees: $275


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 Click Here for info about the "I.S.P. Exam Route" (using ICCP exams)



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