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Fix the hole in your skills toolset

Most of the time it is not the technology you know, experiences you have or length of time you are in the workforce that influence your chances of progressing in your career.  It usually comes down to who you know.  You could be a hands down expert in virtualization or Exchange messaging solutions— but if you are missing the key ingredient of communication skills and developing relationships — you have a better chance of being passed over for that next job opportunity.

What can you do to build this area in your professional skillset? Participate in online forums instead of just looking for an answer. Find out if there is a local user group or regular IT Meetups in your area.  If there isn’t one — start one like the folks behind just did!  We can help with logistics and training — let us know about your existing or new groups! The point is to get out there and talk with people about “things IT” to get yourself known. You’ll be one step closer to the next opportunity and you’ll be developing a support network of like-minded experts who will help you out in the future. 




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