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February 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month: Lynne Heffel, CHRP, CCI

February 2013 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Lynne Heffel, CHRP, CCI    

President, HR Works Inc.

 Past President, CIPS Edmonton  

About Lynne: 

What is your Background?

My background is not, and never has been, in Information Technology.  It is interesting how I slipped into this sector of the business world and have never come out.  I am in human resources – thus the CHRP designation (Certified Human Resources Professional).  I also attended a virtual university – Corporate Coach International and earned my Corporate Coaching Certification (CCI) in 2000.    I was hired, many years ago, by a recruitment firm to start a ‘technology’ division for the firm.  Through my work with this particular firm, I was contacted by many IT companies or the IT division of a company, to help them find people to fill their open IT positions.  So, it was not too long after opening this technology division that I was labeled as the ‘go to’ person for IT people.  Along with this label, there was an assumption that I was an IT person.  Because of this assumption that was out there, panic set in and I realized I had better get some knowledge and some networking contacts in this area. Therefore, in 1986 I joined CIPS Edmonton and have been a member ever since.

I have been self-employed for the past 18 years and can attribute my tremendous success with the IT realm from my association with CIPS over the years.   I have met numerous contacts over the years that have become friends, business colleagues and clients.


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

After I joined CIPS, I must admit I did not feel like I fit in ….. after all, I was human resources not a ‘techie’.  Because of this, I thought how do I get to know more people in this ‘community’ faster and my answer was –  start up a special interest group (SIG).  As my background was all in the soft skills side of training and education and CIPS was so technical my choice was for a ‘soft skills’ SIG which I called the OA SIG (Office Automation Special Interest Group).  I ran this group from 1987 to 1989 and was then asked to take on the membership portfolio.   In those days, it was an appointed position, not a voted in position.  I held this position from 1989 to 1991. Guess what?  This involvement worked as I quickly got to know many, many names and faces and I started to feel like I fit in and I was actually starting to like all these ‘techie’ types!

In 1991, I was asked if I would like to run for President and was voted in.  After I served my 2 year tenure, I stayed as a member for quite a few years and then in the Spring of 2002 I started up the HR SIG (Human Resources Special Interest Group) which I ran until 2006. 

I am still an active CIPS member and get involved with helping with the ICE Conference and other CIPS Edmonton initiatives whenever possible.


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

My involvement with CIPS has afforded me the opportunity to meet numerous people from all walks of life.  Because I am self employed, I have been fortunate to be able to deal with some of these people on a professional basis as they have become clients over the years as well as friends.

I can honestly say that CIPS has provided me with my ‘technical’ education and with a wonderful network of people that I can lean on whenever I need technical advice or knowledge both professionally and personally.  It has been great to be involved with such dedicated individuals who have a very strong commitment to continuous learning.

I am honored to have been selected Volunteer of the Month – not really sure if I am deserving of this honor but I thank you and would like to say that I share this honor with many of my CIPS colleagues.


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