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Cloud for Small Business


via Microsoft

Over the past few months, Damir and I have been traveling across the country leading IT camps. I have been particularly focused on delivering private cloud camps, which are 6-hour hands-on workshops that lead participants through what it means to create a private cloud from a virtualized environment. We work through tasks to deliver IT by standardizing services using templates, automating the delivery of those services and setting up a self-service portal where users can select the services they need (which are then delivered automatically using the pre-configured templates).

The folks attending these workshops are a mixed bag: some work for large organizations or are consultants to large organizations and others work for small organizations or are consultants to small organizations. I inevitably get asked from one of the small business IT people:“How does all this cloud stuff relate to what I’m doing from my users and customers?” The short answer is: It may not. At least not all the private cloud stuff we talk about in the workshop. However, there are definitely cloud services that you can offer your users and clients and it’s definitely worth it, in my opinion, to understand the concepts behind the cloud model.

Understanding what it means to deliver IT services in a private cloud will help you understand how the public cloud works and what you should be looking for when choosing a vendor. It will also help you understand the direction our industry is heading and make sure you’re well positioned for the future, whether that includes adding cloud services to the offerings your provide for your users/clients or adjusting your skills so that you’re not caught in a situation where there is dwindling demand for the services you supply.

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If you have any questions about what cloud means for small business, please don’t hesitate to contact me.




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