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Centennial College becomes first college in Canada to receive joint CIPS and CCTT Accreditation


CIPS and the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) are pleased to announce the first successful joint accreditation of a number of computing programs at Centennial College in Toronto.

The accreditation followed the signing of a Letter of Intent earlier this year in which both organizations agreed to partner in the following areas:

a)            Joint accreditation of computing and Information Technology (IT) type programs at educational institutions;

b)            The ever-greening of the accreditation criteria;

c)            Exchange of information on accreditation rules and practices; and

d)            Promotion of joint accreditation to educational institutions and the public-at-large.

“The joint accreditation enables the separate organizations to present a unified and consistent approach to stakeholders, by providing a collaborative accreditation platform for computing and information technology programs”, said Isidore Leblond, Executive Director, CCTT.

A team consisting of representatives from the CIPS’ Information Systems and Technology Accreditation Council (ISTAC) and CCTT’s Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) visited Centennial College for two days earlier this year. The CIPS criteria and processes were used for the review, however to ensure alignment with the CTAB National Technology Benchmarks (NTB), a program curriculum alignment against the CTAB NTB for Information Technology was also completed by the school.

The following programs at Centennial College received joint accreditation:

·         Description: Centennial_College_logo.pngSoftware Engineering Technician

·         Software Engineering Technology

·         Software Engineering Technology - Interactive Gaming

·         Health Informatics Technology

In addition, CIPS also accredited the Centennial College Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences – Software Systems Design program.

Graduates from jointly accredited programs can apply to either CIPS or their provincial engineering technology association for certified membership.

 “CIPS congratulates Centennial College with their accreditation achievement and welcomes the partnership with