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Celebrating 40th Anniversary of “Social Issues in Computing”

via IT Manager Connection - Stephen.Ibaraki 31 Jan 2013

A few people were invited to contribute articles in honour of Kelly’s and Allan’s seminal book, Social Issues in Computing. The University of Toronto has a blog in celebration of the 40th anniversary in the publication of the pioneering work. Here are the initial entries:

Authors (Kelly) Gotlieb and (Allan) Borodin interviewed:

Vint Cerf (Internet inventor) “Social Issues in Computing And The Internet”:

John Leslie King, W.W. Bishop Professor of Information, University of Michigan, “Privacy: It’s Harder Than We Thought”:

William H. Dutton, Professor of Internet Studies, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, “The Enduring Social Issues in Computing”:

Stephen Ibaraki, Founder and Chair, IFIP IP3 Global Industry Council (part 1 of three articles), “ICT E-Skills and Professionalism in 2013”:

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Calvin C. (Kelly) Gotlieb Selected Contributions to CIPS:

Founding Father

  • founding Member of CIPS in September 1958
  • third President of the Canadian Information Processing Society
  • Chairman of the National Awards Nominating Sub-Committee, 1988-89
  • in 1988 CIPS established the C.C. Gotlieb Award which is presented annually to a Member who is widely recognized for outstanding contribution to CIPS through years of substantial efforts on behalf of the Society

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