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CIPS Governance Changes – FAQ


The Federal Government have passed changes to Bill C-4: Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (LS-624E), which will require all affected organizations, including CIPS, to change their Constitution and By-Laws to comply with the Act. The CCITP (CIPS’ National Governing Board) instructed the National Constitution Committee to prepare the necessary revisions to bring CIPS in compliance with the Act and to also conclude the changes required to achieve the New Governance Model.  While a number of changes to CIPS’ governance model were implemented in 2008, those changes represented the initial steps required to begin the implementation of the New Governance Model.  One of the key remaining changes proposed to the Governance Model is that the CIPS Provincial Societies become the voting members of CIPS National.  Individual members retain their voting rights at the Provincial Society level and have the ability to influence the direction of the National Society through their Provincial Societies.


The Constitution and Bylaw revisions have been prepared with input from the CCITP and provinces.  These changes have been endorsed by the CCITP to be brought before the membership for approval. Over the next several months CIPS will look to communicate with all members on what the proposed changes are and their impact.  Provincial Societies will be holding town hall meetings, regular articles will be included in CIPS Connections, and CIPS National will also be looking at holding virtual meetings that members can attend. A National referendum will be held this coming September with the results of the membership vote on this matter being announced at the 2011AGM.


The proposed Constitution and By-Law changes have been posted on the National website at


If you have any questions about the new CIPS governance model, please check the Governance: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. You can also contact any of the National Constitution Committee members: Ken Chapman, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP Jon Nightingale I.S.P., ITCP, Richard Thompson, FCIPS or Mary Jean Kucerak,CAE, by e-mail


FAQ includes:



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