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CIPS attends the Seoul Accord Meeting in Taipei

The Seoul Accord is a multi-lateral mutual recognition agreement among agencies responsible for accreditation or recognition of undergraduate computing and IT related programs. The Accord was formed in December 2008 and includes signatories from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. CIPS is the Canadian signatory to the Accord.

The eight signatories of the Seoul Accord have joined together for the primary purpose of contributing to the improvement of computing education worldwide through the mutual recognition of accredited academic computing programs that prepare graduates for professional practice. The Seoul Accord hopes to contribute to the acceptance of international academic standards that prepare graduates for professional practice by establishing desired attributes for graduates of computing programs and by sharing best practices for computing education.   

The 3rd General Meeting of the Seoul Accord took place on June 18 and 19, 2011 in Taipei and was attended by Dr. Ken Takagaki (CIPS Representative to the Seoul Accord), and Gina van Dalen (CIPS, Manager Professional Standards).  The main topics for the General Meeting were the review of the first desk audit reports. These reports created an interim step to the physical (in-person) audits, which will start taking place in 2012, with the CIPS audit scheduled for 2014. The objective of the desk audit was to judge whether a signatory’s accreditation policies and procedures adhere to general accreditation characteristics including well documented processes and procedures, transparency and consistency, use of competent and knowledgeable resources, and whether the accreditation results in the production of graduate outcomes that are in line with the Seoul Accord Graduate Attributes. All current signatories had their status renewed until the time of their physical audit.

The meetings also presented the results of a number of Working Groups which explored how signatories should list their Seoul Accord recognized programs, the parameters around the accreditation of programs by Accord signatories in other Accord or Non Accord jurisdictions, and guidelines around the periodic monitoring process.

Dr. Joe Turner was re-elected, for a second term, as Chair of the Seoul Accord. Dr. Turner is the Chair of the Accreditation Council Training Committee for ABET (the US accrediting agency for programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology), and Team Chair for ABET computing accreditation evaluations). He has previously served as Vice-President of the ACM, and  President of the US based Computing Sciences Accreditation Board (CSAB).




Picture: Dr. Joe Turner

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