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CIPS Response to Bill C-30 – Lawful Access Bill – What are Your Thoughts?

The CIPS Code of Ethics requires all members to:

  • Protect the public interest and discharge with integrity all duties and services owed to the public, CIPS members, other IT professionals and clients.
  • Treat the public interest as paramount and must prevail when there is conflict with other obligations.

With this obligation of protecting the public interest in mind, CIPS’ Advocacy and Policy Committee is preparing a letter of response to Bill C-30 that will be sent to all MPs and Privacy Commissioners.  As a CIPS member, what are your thoughts on the proposed Bill? What are your thoughts on the proposed CIPS response?  Do you have any further comments or suggestions to make on the proposed CIPS response for consideration by the Advocacy and Policy Committee?  

Share your comments and thoughts by April 10, 2012 - email:

A final CIPS position will be prepared considering your input and presented to the National Board for approval.  Once approved by the Board CIPS’ position will be formally released and letters to all MPs and Privacy Commissioners will be issued.  While the Bill has been sent back to Committee hearings before second reading, CIPS intends to issue its formal position before the end of April.

CIPS Response to Bill C-30 - Draft Response Letter (Click Here to View)

Please Review and Comment!


If you are not familiar with Bill C-30 or some of the issues raised to-date below are links to the proposed Bill along with links to various discussion blogs and an article by the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario published in the National Post.



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