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CIPS Responds to Bill C-30

May 22, 2012

The members of the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) -- Canada’s Association for Information Technology (IT) Practitioners, are concerned about the proposed legislative changes in Bill C-30.  CIPS is a national organization with provincial associations, which are the legislated registration organization for the IT professional. 

As IT professionals, we have the knowledge and understanding (expertise) of how communications and information on computer and related systems can be accessed and how these systems can and will be used in criminal acts and fraud.  We also recognize that we, as a nation, must address and meet the challenge of people with the motivation and capability to use information and communications technology for criminal and terrorism acts.

Our primary concern with the proposed legislation is in relationship to the privacy of personal information.  The CIPS Code of Ethics requires our members to:

  • protect the public interest and discharge with integrity all duties and services owed to the public, CIPS members, other IT professionals and clients.
  • treat the public interest as paramount and that it must prevail when there is conflict with other obligations


CIPS urges the Government of Canada to:

  • prohibit access to personal information, related records/data, content, communications or records of internet use without the safeguard of a warrant;
  • not offer legal immunity to companies that disclose personal information without a warrant.  We believe this would encourage inappropriate 'fishing expeditions;'
  • ensure personal data is not used for purposes other than security and law enforcement;
  • ensure the strong legal governance of inspectors and their associates;
  • ensure adequate j