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CIPS INTERVIEWS: Nick Malik: International Top Authority in Enterprise and Business Architecture, Author, Speaker, Principle Microsoft EA - Part 1


Nick Malik: International Top Authority in Enterprise and Business Architecture, Author, Speaker, Principle Microsoft EA - Part 1

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Nick Malik.

Nick MalikNick Malik is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, blogger and innovator in Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture. Co-author of three books and a popular speaker at conferences, Nick brings his 32 years of high-tech experience to bear as he creates Enterprise Architectural models and solutions to the CTO of Microsoft IT, his current employer. Developer of a number of novel methods in Enterprise Architecture, including the Enterprise Business Motivation Model, and the Minimal Sufficient Business Integration method, he strives to improve the maturity and professionalism of the practice of Enterprise Architecture worldwide.

Nick has a background in product development, internal software development, management consulting, and business operations accumulated across such diverse industries as hospitality, health care, insurance, high tech, and financial services. You can find his musings online at or on twitter as @nickmalik

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Interview Time Index (MM:SS) and Topic

:00:55:   Nick talks about EA Core diagrams.
"....The Core Diagram is an image like an architectural model (in some sense it is higher level than most architectural models). The goal is to get everybody on one page about one particular aspect of your enterprise architecture. That's very important. Different aspects are important to different companies...."

:03:27:   Nick outlines the Minimum Sufficient Business Integration (MSBI) method in detail.
"....MSBI is fairly simple, but it's a number of steps..... I'm currently blogging about it on my blog so for folks who might have a hard time following along on this podcast can check out my blog:
....The whole basis of MSBI is that you start with one basic recognition and that is that most businesses large enough to need an Enterprise Architect are doing more than one business, and the challenge is how many businesses are you in....."

:11:49:   Can you explain the unsung roles of business models in business architecture?
"....There are very few people in the Enterprise Architecture space who are talking about how business models work and very few people in the business model space who are talking about how to execute on a business model, how to organize your company to support multiple models....If you don't map the business models you can't connect the strategy to business models. If you don't connect the strategies to business models you can't use the business model itself as an element in prioritizing....It's absolutely critical and yet very few of the business architecture works today talk about business models. I'm a big proponent of changing that...."