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“CIPS Honorary Member” status changed to “CIPS Honorary Fellow”

All CIPS Honorary Members have recently had their membership status changed to CIPS Honorary Fellow.  There are no changes to their membership privileges, and they will continue to be entitled to a lifelong membership in CIPS. The reason for this change is as follows.


In 2004 CIPS embarked on a review of its governance structure.  The introduction of Provincial Societies in the 1990’s and the subsequent transfer of responsibility for the I.S.P. designation to them meant that the existing governance model was not serving CIPS well.  A new governance structure was approved in 2006. The National Constitution Committee (NCC), working with the Executive and the Governance Committees, revised the by-laws to accommodate the new governance model. These by-law changes were approved by the membership at the National Annual General Meeting on May 7, 2008.


CIPS has been operating under the new governance structure since the May 2008 AGM, although there are still some constitutional changes required to complete the governance change process.    The NCC and the CIPS governing Board have been working together to prepare these additional changes and they are now available to all members for review and comment at:  It is expected that these changes will be presented to the membership in the Fall for ratification.


The most significant change will see CIPS National become a Society of Societies where its voting members are the CIPS Provincial Societies.  Individual CIPS members would remain voting members of a Provincial Society but will not have voting privileges at the national level. 


The CIPS governing board very much wanted to preserve the National recognition of both CIPS Fellows and CIPS Honorary members through this change process.  To that end, should the constitutional changes be approved by the membership, Fellow members will be continued as a non-voting membership class at the national level. At the same time, CIPS National also wanted to review the criteria for both Honorary Members and CIPS Fellows as there was some overlap  and confusion over the two privileges.  A small committee of representatives from the CIPS Achievement Awards Committee, CIPS Fellows and a Honorary Member representative was struck to review the two CIPS member privileges and provide the governing board with recommendations on how to proceed. 


At their May 26, 2011 meeting the governing board accepted the following recommendations:

1.            CIPS no longer grants the status of Honorary Member.

2.            CIPS create a Honorary Fellow recognition which will be managed by CIPS Fellows.

3.            CIPS Provincial Societies waive all associated membership fees for Honorary CIPS Fellows.

4.            CIPS grant Honorary Fellow status to all existing CIPS Honorary Members.


Below is a document outlining the qualifications for Honorary Fellows, the Nomination Process and the recognition which has been earned.


If you have any questions regarding the Honorary Fellow status please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (905) 602-1370 ext 324 or by email


2005 Patricia Glenn I.S.P., Calgary, AB

2004 Marilyn Harris, Victoria, BC

2001 Jon Nightingale, I.S.P., Vancouver, BC

2000 Ted Barnicoat, I.S.P., Calgary, AB

1998 Ron George, I.S.P., Calgary, AB

1994 Gary Hadford,* I.S.P., Calgary, AB

1993 Jim Finch, I.S.P., Toronto, ON

1992 Dr. Wayne Davis, I.S.P., Edmonton, AB

1991 Dr. Harvey Gellman,* Toronto, ON

1990 Ian Sharp, I.P. Sharp, Toronto, ON

1989 Prof. Cec Law, I.S.P., Kingston, ON

1988 Prof. Stan Heaps,* I.S.P., Halifax, NS

1987 Prof. Jim Kennedy,* Vancouver, BC

1987 Al Fowler,* Vancouver, BC

1987 Prof. Kelly Gotlieb, Toronto, ON

1986 Bill Rogers, I.S.P., Edmonton, AB

1985 Al Shackelton,* Cambridge, ON

1977 Ike Goodfellow, I.S.P., Toronto, ON

1977 Prof. Wes Graham,* Waterloo, ON

1975 R.F. Linden, Ottawa, ON

 * deceased


Honorary Fellow Qualifications/Requirements


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