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The Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills (CCICT) - Changing perceptions about ICT-related careers


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The Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills (CCICT) is an industry-led coalition of employers, universities and industry organizations, founded by Bell Canada in 2007. The CCICT aim is to ensure that Canadian organizations can hire the information and communications technology (ICT) professionals they need to meet the changing and diverse needs of the 21st century workforce. The CCICT seeks to achieve practical solutions to an alarming decline in ICT-related post-secondary enrolments (30-40%), historically low female participation (25%), and significant shifts in demand – against the backdrop of a growing need for every industry to embrace the tools and methods of the knowledge economy. Career choosers and their advisors (parents, teachers, the media) often don’t know about the exciting ways that ICT-related careers are changing.

Description: BTM.jpegBusiness Technology Management - an undergraduate degree that combines business, ICT and real world experience

Description: diagram_medium.gifDesigned by a national CCICT committee of leading employers and university educators, the Business Technology Management (BTM) is the digital economy version of Management Information Systems (MIS) and similar programs. It includes technical skills, ICT knowledge, leadership, business analysis, and project management skills and provides a key component that manages the transition from graduation to employment.

Currently, more than 10 universities across Canada offer undergraduate BTM degrees or certificates, with more on the way. They include:

·         Acadia University (Halifax)

·         Concordia University (Montreal)

·         Laval University (Quebec City, starting 2012)

·         Ryerson University (Toronto)

·         Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)

·         Université du Québec à Montreal (UQAM, Montreal)

·         University of British Columbia (Vancouver)

·         University of Waterloo and  Wilfrid Laurier University (joint program)

·         Wilfrid Laurier University 

·         York University

Each school has its own unique program, course structure and overall approach and excels in particular topic areas and electives, ranging from deep computer science to marketing and entrepreneurship.

ICT Career Awareness Campaign


Description: CareerMash (2).jpgIn 2011, CCICT’s launched the CareerMash career network site and career week initiative in partnership with government, corporate members, and leading industry organizations including the Information & Communications Technology Council, TechnoCompétences, the Information Technology Association of Canada, and CIPS.  TechnoCompétences, the CCICT Quebec partner, has now also launched their site

According to high school students, CareerMash is hitting the mark. A written survey completed by over 800 of the 1650 attendees at a Roy Thomson Hall event on October 28 revealed that 47% of those who were previously unsure about a tech career are now more interested in one. The same applies to 24% of those who were previously not interested in tech. Meanwhile CareerMash raised the interest of 64% of those who were already inclined towards a tech career!

A number of joint outreach activities in Ontario and Quebec have taken place over the past month which exceeded goals and expectations. Some metrics:

· site visits to date: 32,000. Unique visitors: 16,250

·         Students in role model classroom visits Toronto & Kitchener-Waterloo regions: 4200 (the target was 1250)

·         Students in role model classroom visits Montreal region: 1200

·         Number of schools engaged Toronto/KW: 38 (target: 12)

·         Students at Roy Thomson Hall event October 28: 1650 (target: 350)

·         Employer, educator and industry booths at Roy Thomson Hall: 50

·         CareerMash contest entries: 18,350

·         CCICT corporate members who actively participated in the above: 24

The CCICT message is resonating:  Today’s careers mash up tech with anything you imagine!

For media coverage on CareerMash and related activities see the following media outlets: The StarNational PostCBC Spark, and The Lang & O’Leary Exchange.


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