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Blog: "Why I’m a member of CIPS"


It’s simple really. I felt compelled. Inherently connected to a significant body—with pervasive reach and potential, that shares common principles and values, is of service to others, and believes in the need for a globally recognized IT profession—being a member of CIPS for me proactively ensures a share in the rights and benefits of the IT profession as it formally emerges. In the final analysis, you may say, why I’m a member of CIPS is really about the metaphysics of quality, and an impression left on me by a book in the 70’s. Shown here is a recent LinkedIn post about it. Below the post are links to some recent items shared on the CIPS site. As a means of giving back to CIPS, ideally they are of some help.


Ron Richard, I.S.P., ITCP/IP3P

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