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Blog: CIPS Chair Update from the World Computer Congress in Amsterdam! (Sept 25th)


Sept 25 - It is now 10:30pm Amsterdam time and we've had another great day of presentations.  Many of you would have been interested in the presentation on Flash Crashes, Trading Algorithms and Systemtic Risk by Philip Treleaven, Professor of Computer Science, London University.   The main messages was the research is unable to predict the markets and determine why they do what they do.  The PHD work is concentrating on systematic risk modeling and determining what regulations can be put in place to reduce the instability (ie. placing a charge per transaction, time minimum on stock trades etc). So far all the models seem to make the instability worse?

Another great session was on Skills and practices for a successful Innovator. The theories and teaching on how to innovate is a more mature science that I knew.  Peter Denning, Naval Postgraduate School, USA and Alain Chesnais, Past President ACM Canada, had interesting presentations on how innovation teams are built and some of the amazing technologies coming out of the teams.  Such as the product which was sold to Adobe called Scene 7 Image Server, which you can zoom in and out on an object and get extreme detail when buying the product, you can change color of a jacket you are shopping for etc. all computer generated images. The message from this session was never say it can't be done.

Also I'm adjusting to always shoulder checking when I walk and never wander into the bike lanes.  99% of commuters ride bicycles, see the pics.  Bikes and scooters are as plentiful as cars and trams.  Pedestrians beware!


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Brenda Byers, I.S.P., ITCP

Chair, CIPS National Board




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