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August CIPS Volunteer of the Month: Cheryl Lundrigan, B Sc., I.S.P., ITCP, PMP

August 2012 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Cheryl Lundrigan, B Sc., I.S.P., ITCP, PMP   

CIPS NL Past-President and current Vice-President

About Cheryl: 

What is your Background?

In 1986 I graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. During my student years, Information Technology was just taking off with very few people owning a computer. We all used typewriters for writing our Term Papers and a Commodore 64 was the hot commodity if you could afford one.  Portable Computers wouldn’t be available until a few years to come and even when it did arrive; it was called a luggable computer. This was just a glimmer of what would come 30 years later with today’s Ultrabooks and iPads being top of the list for back to school must haves.  Anyone graduating from IT today should wonder where our industry will be in another 30 years, 2042 will be futuristic looking for sure.

My roles within IT swayed from Computer Support, System Networking and Administration, IT Service Delivery, Change and Configuration and now into Project Management. I’ve been employed by engineering companies for most of my career, working on large scale projects such as the Frigate Program and Oil projects Hibernia, Terra Nova and White Rose.  I moved from project work for 7 years to deliver IT Service Management in a global environment feeding my travel impulses. In between, I had the opportunity to work for the RCMP on the local Provincial LAN rollout which included implementation of Laptops for the patrol cars.

The last few years, I‘ve moved into Project Management in the IT Health Care Sector. Traditionally, Health Care has been mostly a paper based practice, but along with every other industry out there, it is transforming into a fully electronic digital world, allowing patients from coast to coast to obtain better health care by improving access to technology and information. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

It was in the early ‘90s that I first heard of CIPS. It took me a long time to figure out it was not pronounced sips but was with a “K”. Of course then I called it chips for awhile, but eventually I got it right. Each year a notice would go around to the engineering companies looking for women who were in the IT field to speak at an annual CIPS’ sponsored Women in IT (WIT) conference. Back then, few women were in IT and so this program was timely and beneficial.

Fast forward 20 years and I am the Past-President of CIPS NL, have been on the CIPSNL Board of Directors since 2008, and on the WIT Committee looking for more women to speak at the conference. During my year as President, we expanded the WIT Conference outside St. John’s and held a satellite conference in Corner Brook.  Next year we are hoping to go north and bring it into Labrador.  The local CIPS chapter also represents Nunavut, although we are not sure if we’ll make it that far but it is on the radar. The conference is still aimed at Grade Nine girls to expand their knowledge of what IT is about and encourage them to consider a career path in Information Technology. The significance now though is that IT is everywhere, and in every field making it much more attainable. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

I bring enthusiasm to our small membership, always looking for interesting speakers to present to our CIPSNL members. We have held many luncheons that I have arranged, from RCMP Computer Forensics to Organizational Change Management within the IT Health Care sector. One of our events drew 80 people which, in proportion to our 20 odd membership, is quite a turn out.

As my role on the WIT Committee, I pushed to expand the WIT conference outside the capital city. I believe we need to include more Rural schools where it is very beneficial because they do not have as much opportunity to attend these type of events which are normally offered in cities. This year we expect to start a Youth in IT seminar/workshop of some sort and work with the High School Students. We may partner with the local Newfoundland Association of Technology Industries in a joint event.

The Networking opportunities, great Speakers and focus on professionalism are all key reasons I am involved with CIPS. CIPS’ I.S.P. and ITCP certifications provides an assurance for recruiters to know the candidate already comes “Pre-qualified” to a certain extent.



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