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CIPS Accredited Program Graduates - One Year of FREE CIPS Membership, Candidate Member Status and the AITP (Associate Information Technology Professional) Designation!

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Congratulations on Graduating from a CIPS Accredited Program!

To help aid you in your new IT professional Career CIPS (Canada’s Association of IT Professionals) is providing graduates from CIPS Accredited programs with free membership for one year, along with “Candidate Membership” status, which is the start of your journey to obtaining the only IT designation recognized by law* in Canada, the “I.S.P.” (Information Systems Professional). 

As a CIPS Candidate Member you will also obtain the AITP (Associate Information Technology Professional) Designation and can use the post-nominal AITP. In the coming year CIPS will provide you with more information about the requirements to maintain the AITP until you are able to apply for full certification status. 

To obtain your One Year of FREE CIPS MembershipCandidate Member Status, and the AITP Designation please Click Here



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Accredited Programs

Candidate Membership

AITP Designation

I.S.P. Designation



How Much Experience Do I Need to Upgrade to the Professional I.S.P. Designation?


Experience Required (years)

Accredited 4-year University Degree (Computer Science, Software Engineering, MIS, BTM)


Accredited 3-year University Degree


Accredited 4-year University 

(Interdisciplinary programs)


Accredited 3-year College/Technical Program


Accredited 2-year College/Technical Program


Accredited one-year post-graduate I.T. program




For any questions or assistance please contact CIPS